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News roundup: new author, new books, an unmissable Polari Tour and more!

11 Sep

Holidays are up and the kids are back at school, and it’s time for a scamper through the UK lesfic news:


First up, new books and new authors!

nofallenangelBella Books have signed up new author Sadie Winters. Sadie is one of those lucky folk who live by the sea in the South West, pottering about on the beach, baking and gardening when she’s not doing a spot of lesfic writing or freelance work. Her book No Fallen Angel has a shiny cover and a release date of February 2016. Here’s the blurb:

Angel Khoury is sick and tired. Tired of her job dancing in a London Gentleman’s Club and sick of her troubles with women. But when Angel is offered freelance work in a sleepy little village on the southwest coast of England and ends up taking a second job at a local garden center to make ends meet, things start heating up. And soon they are sizzling.

The source of the heat is Nell Frank, the blond woman who owns the garden center, whose life is complicated enough without an exotic dancer in the picture. After encounters under moonlit skies, on beautiful Cornish beaches, and in greenhouses under fragrant flowering vines, the couple must face their demons. Both have deep scars, and temptations abound.

Can they overcome these obstacles for a future together? Is Nell’s lover the fallen angel she fears? Soon Angel and Nell must decide if they’re ready to leave their past behind to find their happily ever after.

fivegunsblazingEmma Rose Millar‘s Five Guns Blazing will be published on the 15th. The novel is a tale of piracy, slavery and treason based on the true story of lesbian pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Here’s the blurb:

Never had she imagined she would be brought so low, and all for the love of a very bad man.


Convict’s daughter, Laetitia Beedham, is set on an epic journey from the back streets of London, through transportation to Barbados and gruelling plantation life, into the clutches of notorious pirates John ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham, Mary Read and the treacherous Anne Bonny.

In a world of villainy and deceit, where black men are kept in chains and a woman will sell her daughter for a few gold coins, Laetitia can find no one in whom to place her trust.

As the King’s men close in on the pirates and the noose begins to tighten around their necks, who will win her loyalty and her heart?

And Jenny Frame announced that Bold Strokes have signed up her third book. Courting the Countess is a contemporary romance. No cover or blurb yet, but it will be available in 2016.

~ ~ ~

On to author blogs.

ngradvisory“[N]ever kill a puppy, be nice to small children, and always include a bit of romance.”  According to Cari Hunter, these are the cardinal rules for writing lesfic, if you do not want to feel the wrath of the reader. For Cari, a writer of crime and characters whose lives are far too complicated to indulge in anything as straightforward as love at first sight, this can cause the odd issue. Cari goes on to talk about the expectations of some lesfic readers and how these restrictions might stifle the genre. Have a read of the full article here and a run through of Cari’s non-formula tales.

~ ~ ~

Jody Klaire has been blogging about her experience of the Festival of Writers, although it was touch and go whether she would make it there:

I loved listening to Julie Cohen, Tamsyn Murray and Allie Spencer discussing their experiences, their struggles and how they overcame them. I got to hear from agents, publishers, authors on how the industry is and then how to take risks and find icebergs with Shelley Harris. It was an adventure!

Read about the rest of Jody’s adventures here.

You can also catch up with Jen Silver‘s news with her latest blog. It’s been a busy year for Jen with a trip to the GCLS conference and local author readings and her novels are still getting great reviews. The Wild Times Tavern is the latest to fall for her Starting Over:

A saga of lesbian love set in the wilds of Yorkshire? You’ve got to be kidding – how could I not be hooked? Jen Silver introduces an array of colourful characters – some gay, some straight – and then sets them off on a series of romantic trajectories, often resulting in messy head long crashes, angst and trauma.

You can read the full review here.


polaritourNow get your diaries out. You really don’t want to miss out on this year’s Polari Tour. The tour kicks off in London on Tuesday night when the shortlist for the 2015 Polari Prize will also be announced. The tour then heads off Cambridge, Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton, Hertford, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Newcastle and Bedford. Performers include the likes of VG Lee, Kiki Archer, Karen Campbell, Mari Hannah, VA Fearon and Ali Smith.

For full details and dates see the Polari Website.

Paul Burston and VG Lee are also running free writing workshops to accompany the events. At each event, there will be a From Page to Performance workshop in the afternoon. For more information and to reserve a place on the workshops please contact VG Lee (vglee at dircon.co.uk).

And finally, a quick reminder for anyone in the environs of Manchester on Saturday afternoon: you can catch readings by several UK authors at the Lesbian Authors Festival. The event is held at a new lesbian cafe, The Hideaway Café, in Urmston. Readings start at 2.15 and will include Andrea Bramhall, I Beacham, Cari Hunter, Michelle Grubb, Jen Silver, Karen Cambell and Veronica Fearon.


Now run along there and have a spiffing weekend. Toodle pip!

News roundup: Polari fun, new author Emma Rose Millar, Goldie finalists, Manda Scott and more!

2 May

It’s a soggy start to May, so put your feet up and read all about the latest UK lesbian fiction news:


Polari lineup: Kiki Archer, La JohnJoseph, Rebecca Chance, Sophie Ward, Philip Hensher, hosted by Paul Burston. Copyright Krystyna FitzGerald-Morris http://krysphotos.co.uk/

This month’s Polari evening in London looked like a fabulous event. The evening was kicked off by Kiki Archer reading from her best-seller One Foot Onto The Ice to a great reception from the audience.

Actress Sophie Ward also read from her short non-fiction book A Marriage Proposal – a considered argument in favour of equal marriage (the Guardian short is available on Amazon here).

You can read an account of the whole evening by Helen Smith and see videos of Kiki reading from One Foot Onto The Ice and When You Know on youtube. More fab photos of the evening are also available here.


StainsA new author to the UKLesFic list now. Emma Rose Millar is an historical fiction writer. Two of her short stories were published in the Sunkissed anthology by Freya and her first novel Strains from an Aeolian Harp set in the 1920s made it to the final rounds of the Chaucer Awards. The novel was reviewed by When Sally Met Sally when it was first published:

Strains from an Aeolian Harp is a compelling tale of domestic violence, infidelity and drug-addiction, but also one of courage and hope; a journey of self-discovery and a story of love between women which transcends brutality and cruelty… Full of engaging characters, complex relationships, seedy locations and spine-chilling twists and turns, this is a brilliantly written novel which is sure to keep you hooked.”

Emma is in the late stages of writing Five Guns Blazing, a story of three female pirates, and has also started her third novel The Frendinnen, a two-parter based on the painting by Gustav Klimt of the same name. You can find more details on her blog.


manda-scottManda Scott has been blogging about creativity, story-telling and all its forms:

“Been thinking a lot recently about creativity, about the process of writing, about creativity, about what it is and why we do it… and how. How is it that we make black marks on a white page/screen and create whole worlds in the minds of others”

She also talks a little about her work in progress that is very different from her  previous books. Here’s the link to the post.


Nicola Griffith‘s Hild has been out six months but is still garnering praise and great reviews. Nicola reports that there are fewer interviews, a good thing having Book 2 to get on with, but there’s still enough related to Book 1 to warrant roundups. Here’s the roundup link to catch up with the latest reviews and news on Hild, including making the shortlist for Bisexual Book Awards.

~ ~ ~

JodyKlaireWith the summer release of her début novel The Empath creeping steadily closer, Jody Klaire has been blogging about why she chose to write a series rather than a standalone story:

Series give the reader a chance to witness the characters grow, we aren’t just dropping in on them during a period of their lives and moving on. In a series we get to really know them on every level, we witness them change, grow, regress, break and rebuild. You love the character, you look forward to seeing them again, they become part of you, part of your life and maybe, if the writing is really good, they become a fond friend.

You can read the full piece at this link.

~ ~ ~

secretliesTerry Baker reviewed Goldie finalist Secret Lies by Amy Dunne. This is what Terry had to say:

“This is Amy Dunne’s debut book and she is off to a flying start in the world of lesbian fiction. She’s shown she can pen a good book on extremely difficult topics. Abuse, self harm, homophobia and two inexperienced young women embarking on their first lesbian romance together, comprises just a small part of this well written and researched story.”

You can read the full review here.


A quick reminder now about the Andrea Bramhall giveaway of her new novel Nightingale. Pop over to the guest post that she did for us earlier in the week and answer her question before Monday.


GCLS clean logoAnd finally, a great big congratulations to UKLesFic’s Cari Hunter whose excellent thriller Desolation Point has made the Goldie short list! She is joined by another Brit Sky Croft with Mountain Rescue: The Ascent in the Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure category. Very well done and good luck folks! All of the finalists are listed here and winners are announced at the GCLS conference in July.