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News Roundup: L Festive Vids, New Books from Devon Marshall & Angela Peach, Lesley Davis Fantasy Collection, Desolation Point Bonus Scene, & More!

6 Dec

Deck the halls (or batten down the hatches; it’s bloody windy out there!) We’re on a Bloggy Christmas wind-down. Yes, we’ll be taking a short break for the festive season from December 18th till just after New Year, but before then we have some chocolate coin-like treats to squeeze in, not least this edition of the news…

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lfestiveI’ll start off this week by keeping with the ho-ho-ho-ing and the making of merry, as quite a few L Festive reports and photos have hit the ‘net in the past few days. Clare Ashton, Angela Peach, and Kiki Archer hosted a workshop for aspiring writers, which included tips, advice, and readings from their own works. The workshop was so well-received, it prompted Clare to write up her ideas in a blog post, so that those who couldn’t make it to L Festive didn’t miss out.

Here’s what she had to say about her current work in progress, which includes a YouTube link to her reading.

I’ve been torn between writing a couple of dark stories and a very British romcom. At the moment the romcom is winning – when horribly sleep-deprived and hallucinating, dark tales are possibly a bad idea. It’s set in London and here’s a passage I read at the weekend at L Festive, followed by a reading from After Mrs Hamilton.

Click away to watch Kiki Archer reading from Binding Devotion and One Foot Onto the Ice.

With thanks to Beni Gee for the rather lovely photo there.

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dante's choiceMoving onto new books news, and the sequel to Devon Marshall‘s Vampires of Hollywood Book 1: Dante’s Awakening has just been published. Vampires of Hollywood Book 2: Dante’s Choice continues the adventures of Dante Sonnier, Hollywood agent and friend to the vampire community:

Dante Sonnier…has been left reeling by revelations of her own supernatural ancestry. She also has a host of questions, but Dante knows that life with the vampires is rarely a one-problem-at-a-time deal, and answering these questions was never going to be simple… 

Dante’s Choice is available from Untreed Reads, and other retailers. I’ve added the full synopsis to the New and Upcoming Releases page.

~ ~ ~

playing my loveThe aforementioned indie author Angela Peach published her fourth novel, Playing My Love, on November 23rd (if you don’t tell us, we don’t always catch ’em!) and the book is currently flying high at the top of Amazon UK’s Lesbian Romance chart.

I’d never believed in love at first sight. I mean, it had never happened to me, so I guess I just didn’t think about it. But then… 
Darcy. Beautiful, kind, intelligent Darcy, who showed me a whole new meaning to the word love, and how to live when I thought there was nothing to live for. 

I’ve squeezed its full synopsis into the November section of the New Releases page.

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Amy_Dunne_lgAmy Dunne‘s December début Secret Lies continues to garner excellent reviews. Rainbow Book Reviews had this to say about the YA romance:

There is a mega amount of passion, back stabbing, caring of a good and not so good quality, tender and passionate loving, super harsh brutalizing, and a truly compassionate reconciliation. This is splendidly balanced from the beginning to the end.

The full text of the review can be found here.

~ ~ ~

PaleWingsProtectingFor those of you who are still scratching your head about Christmas presents – ha! Not me, my Christmas shopping is, literally, in the bag! – Bold Strokes Books have just released Lesley Davis Fantasy Volume 1, an ebook collection featuring  The Truth Behind the Mask, Dark Wings Descending, and its sequel Pale Wings Protecting. The compilation is available for $17.99 (which is around about 11 quid to you and me) and more information can be found at this link.

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treasure chestWe still have a handful of e-copies of VA Fearon‘s The Girl With the Treasure Chest for those quickest off the mark to send us an email (uklesfic@gmail.com) or leave a comment on the blog. You don’t have to be witty or charming, or anything; everyone likes a freebie!

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bah humbuggersAny folks who might not have been able to make it to VG Lee‘s recent Bah Humbuggers evening of unfestive fun, despair not. December 15th (7-10 p.m.) sees VG and Rose Collis bringing the show to The Hideaway, 2 Empire Mews, London SW16 2BF. The tickets include a glass of wine and canapés, and the proceeds of the evening will go to Kids’ City (a children’s charity providing after-school and holiday play-schemes for children in disadvantaged communities in south London.)

To book tickets for the event head here, and more details about the evening can be found on that page or over on our Events page.

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Desolation Point desktopBringing up the tail end this week is my own self (story of my life!) To celebrate the edits and the proofing for Tumbledown being all done and dusted, I posted a bonus deleted scene from Desolation Point over at my blog. The scene actually gets a brief mention in Tumbledown, and although you could easily use your imagination to fill in the blanks, I thought it might be nice to fill them in for you. Hit the link for the scene, and beware – there be spoilers for those folks who’ve not read Desolation Point

~ ~ ~

Right, all that’s left for me to do is stuff another piece of Thornton’s Special Toffee into my gob and wish you all a happy weekend. Word of advice: avoid the Trafford Centre like the plague. For the next two and a bit weeks it’ll be the very definition of hell on earth.

News roundup: a busy week in UK LesFic

19 Aug

Well, a week’s a long time in UK lesbian fiction. So here we go…

Sep issue image #1We’ve been kept pretty busy here at UKLesFic since we started this blog. UK lesbian fiction, beyond the names that have crossed over into mainstream fiction, gets very little coverage in the media but despite this we’re still pleasantly surprised at the number of new names we’re adding to the authors list.

detectiveTo try to redress the balance, I’ve written an article for this month’s Diva. It, in part, answers the question posed by The Guardian last year asking where all the new UK lesbian writers are. My answer “Busy writing”!

Also in the September issue is a review of Crin Claxton‘s new book the Supernatural Detective. Diva describes the novel as “a sexy supernatural thriller” and “A perfect read for the beach”.

91CYqVEe28L._SL1500_On the review front Nicola Griffith‘s Hild has been reviewed by Kirkus: “A book that deserves a place alongside T.H. White, to say nothing of Ellis Peters. Elegantly written–and with room for a sequel.”

Nicola wryly notes on her blog that even before it’s release in November it’s been compared to six authors (Hilary Mantel, Sigrid Undset, T.H. White, George R.R. Martin, Ellis Peters, and Rosemary Sutcliff) and wonders where it’ll end and what the gender division will be when it gets there.

Author Suzanne Egerton has written in to pass on details about the Glasgow Lambda Library. This is a new group that is raising funds for a queer and LGBT library for the Glasgow area. They hope to create a space for a collection of literature and to host book groups, writing workshops, film screenings and literary events. As well as looking for monetary donations, they are collecting books for the library. Any tomes taking up too much room would be gratefully received.

Niamh Murphy has been busy on the blog front. In Filling Blanks of Fantasy she writes about how she goes about writing and filling in her fairy tale stories from her original outline. She also writes about finding time to write and knowing when to stop and recharge

RJ Samuel has also written a very honest post asking whether a writer should write during dark moments, when all they can create are more moments of darkness. Should a writer wait until they can offer a reader something more or do readers like to be drawn into that intense world. The piece has had some nice responses. Here’s the post.

Meanwhile, fans of Devon Marshall will be pleased to hear that she’s come back from the trauma that is a computer eating your manuscript and has finished Book 2 in the Vampires of Hollywood series. Read about how she feels about it all in this post where she charateristically doesn’t mince her words.

allforloveDalia Craig dropped in for the Liz McMullen Show this week. Here’s a snippet from Liz’s description of the show:

“Dalia Craig’s erotica explores D/s power play and often mistaken first impressions. What makes her writing so unique, is the way she incorporates high wire suspense in her short stories. It goes beyond sexual anticipation to the heady heart racing moments you would expect from a thriller… We discuss the craft of writing good erotica, from the perspective of an editor and publisher.”

You can find the epiode here.

cover3Finally, if you have half an hour to put up your feet and have a bit of a giggle, there’s my short story The Dildo in the Kitchen Drawer. Here’s the blurb:

What has Beth’s girlfriend ordered in the plainest, squarest, most non-descript parcel? It certainly isn’t books. No-one shuffles that frantically to hide books when you come in unexpectedly. And what would any right-minded person do when they opened the kitchen drawer to check what had been hidden? But right-minded isn’t a term that’s often applied to Beth.

The Dildo in the Kitchen Drawer is a short story of paranoia, slippery fingers and recalcitrant dogs.

News Roundup: Devon Marshall & Nicola Griffith interviews, BSB UK Blog updates, Freebies, VG Lee & Emma Donoghue

30 May

It’s raining, so I made cake. Let’s settle down with a nice cup of tea, a big piece of raspberry oaty-niceness cake and the news, shall we?

15723746Devon Marshall has been interviewed over at The Modern L, which has also posted a rave review of her novel Voodoo Woman. Check out her answers to vital questions such as “Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?” and “Do Scottish dykes wear kilts?”, as well as much less serious matters such as self-publishing and dealing with criticism, here.

(The answers, by the way, are “Yes” and “It’s what they wear UNDERNEATH their kilts that matters.” Hmm…)


After her recent honour from the Lambda Literary Foundation and with the release of Hild drawing ever closer, Nicola Griffith has been busy fielding interviews this past week. An interesting and revealing chat with Seattle newsite Crosscut has just been published, and on her publisher’s website Nicola discusses the origins of Hild with editor Sean McDonald.

NicolaGriffith“In the writing of it, I knew I really wanted Hild to measure up to Mantel’s Cromwell: that sense of an extraordinary mind breasting the waves of competing political agendas. Beneath that I hope the reader will feel the same wild magic of the landscape evoked by Mary Stewart in The Crystal Cave. And if I could give readers the sheer exhilaration in Hild’s company that Patrick O’Brian gave me with Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin I’d know I was finally getting it right…”


astrayProving that even award-winning, seasoned writers like Emma Donoghue get nervous when submitting new works for consideration, she recently posted this little teaser on her blog:

Just sold my new novel. Phew! (It’s nerve-wracking every time… no guarantees that publishers will like the next just because they liked the last.) Out next spring, details to follow.”

We’ll pass on more news as soon as we hear any!

Also, her short story collection Astray is newly out in paperback. She says: “Picador’s just brought out a lovely paperback of ASTRAY in the UK. So many of my books feature either a headless or a back-to-the-viewer woman…

And it would seem that this latest version is no exception to that rule. It is pretty, though.

~ ~ ~

The UK authors of Bold Strokes Books are gearing up for their Nottingham Fest with a two week blog extravaganza which will feature posts from each of the attending authors. First up are Lesley Davies answering some prompts from readers, and Jane Fletcher, who has been pondering that age-old question What Is Lesbian Fiction? The blogs will run on a daily basis up to and including Friday 7th June, so keep checking them out!

~ ~ ~

imagesYou  know how much we like free stuff over here on UK LesFic. We don’t actually get any of it, but we like it all the same. But there is free stuff up for grabs over on Goodreads, where Sky Croft is running a giveaway for her new novel, Mountain Rescue: The Ascent. There are two copies in the draw and entrants will be accepted until the 26th June. Good luck.

~ ~ ~

Lastly, a date for your diary: VG Lee will be performing the Lady of the Wild West Hill! on Friday 20th September, 7.30pm at Birmingham LGBT Health & Well Being Centre, 38-40 Holloway Head, Birmingham, B1 1EQ. For details try phoning: 0121 643 0821 or keep an eye on VG’s own website.

~ ~ ~

Editor’s note: Despite an unpromising, purpley appearance, the cake was actually quite tasty. Huzzah!

News roundup: Kiki Archer, The Green Carnation Prize and Devon Marshall

5 Mar

BindingDevotionReplacementjpgIn its opening weekend, Kiki Archer‘s Binding Devotion shot to number 1 in the Amazon UK lesbian charts and took the lesbian Smashwords number 1 spot too. An early review from Terry Baker says this:

“Kiki Archer has surpassed herself. Her writing here is honed to perfection. She has joined the ranks of a small group of excellent writers here in the UK and I’m pleased to notice that her books are also being well read in the USA too.

If you want an enjoyable read that you won’t be able to put down, look no further. I’m envious of all who haven’t read this yet. You’ve got a plethora of delights ahead of you. The only drawback now is……..How long do I have to wait for the next Kiki Archer book?”

Read more of Terry’s review on When Sally Met Sally.

2013greencarnation-04The Green Carnation prize is back for its fourth year and open for submissions. The prize is a literary prize for UK LGBT published works and was established in July 2010 by author Paul Magrs because of the lack prizes for gay men in the UK. The prize has been since extended to all LGBT writers – a welcome development given that lack of lesbian prizes also – but unfortunately this has not been extended to self-published/indie writers.

Finally, spare a thought for Devon Marshall whose computer gobbled up her manuscript. Readers waiting for The Vampires of Hollywood Book 2 might need to wait a bit longer…. Read more here.

Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Red_roseTo celebrate Valentine’s Day and the recent vote of approval for gay marriages, we thought we’d ask some of our favourite lesbian authors a few romantic questions! 

1) If you were to take the plunge and get married, what would your “first dance” song be and why? (If you’ve taken the plunge already, feel free to answer retrospectively!)

Manda Scott: I had to ask my partner this – I don’t do music – she says we’d have a ceilidh band and we’d let them pick something; sounds fine to me…

Rachel Dax: Not that we want to get married but… First dance song would be Still The One by Shania Twain – 15 and half years later and still together… 😀

24366Cari Hunter: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1 by the Flaming Lips. Just because it would be hilarious trying to dance to it. Great song too, though.

VG Lee: She Bangs by Ricky Martin.

KE Payne: Well, t’other half and I prefer to keep our dancing to the privacy of our front room as we’re both shy little creatures so I doubt we’d partake in the traditional first dance. If we did, Dido’s Thank You was always ‘our song’ when we first got together, so I guess we’d go for that.

Rebecca Buck: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. I know, cliché. But it makes me cry and says everything about being totally in love…

Lesley Davies: I Want To Be Free by Toyah…Sorry, but I don’t aim on ever getting married (unless I can have a Star Wars wedding and dress as Han Solo when I find my Princess)

Andrea Bramhall: My Girl by the Temptations. Yes it’s cheesy, yes it’s old, but it’s a classic and I love it, and it’s exactly what it should feel like when I’m being twirled around in my wedding dress. *sigh*

Clare Ashton:  Between me and my very civil partner there’s an introvert and someone who hates being the centre of attention. So the first dance is some kind of hell. But I find the thought of dressing up as Abba for Take a Chance on Me oddly appealing. Maybe there’s a secret (and slightly odd) extrovert in there somewhere. Why Abba? Why ever not Abba?

Kiki Archer: It was You’re still the one by Shania Twain. We loved the lyrics! We are planning on upgrading our civil partnership to marriage and we will be doing the whole thing all over again in 2015. With lots more crying. (I am the one blubbing!)

Devon Marshall: I’m highly unlikely ever to “take the plunge” ( Kate Beckinsale is already married, alas) but supposing I did, my first dance song would be Jennifer Lopez’ Ain’t It Funny. I just love the song, and I’d need to be seriously drunk if I were getting hitched, which is also the only way I could be persuaded to try dancing Latin American style…

2) If you were to arrive early at a first date, what book would you be reading in the hopes of impressing your companion?

JeanRhys_WideSargassoSeaVG Lee: Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys.

Clare Ashton: Pride and Prejudice, although perhaps a gay version like Kate Christie’s, and The Secret History. I love romance novels and romantic comedy films. She would need to be able to cope with repeat viewings of Pride and Prejudice, When Harry Met Sally, Imagine Me and You, so this would be fair warning. Then I adore mysteries too so she would need a high level of tolerance for those too. austen-illustration1

Rebecca Buck: Antic Hay by Aldous Huxley. Because most people haven’t heard of it so it’d start a conversation. And that would mean I could enthuse about the 1920s for ages. Either that, or Pride and Prejudice. Or a history book so I can look all intelligent and then start talking about history a lot…

Devon Marshall: Stephen King’s It…to impress upon her that horror is, and always will be, my first love!

Andrea Bramhall: The Power Book by Jeanette Winterson. Love it and it’s a great conversation starter. Doesn’t hurt that it has a picture of a very naked woman on the front cover: conversation starter number two.

Kiki Archer: I am currently reading the hardback version of The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling, so it may weigh me down slightly!

traitors-fieldManda Scott: Given a lifelong aversion to being anything other than myself, whatever the circumstances, I’d be reading whatever I was currently reading. Just now, that’s the new (not yet published) novel by Robert Wilton called Traitor’s Field.  It’s a cracking second novel from a brilliant writer. If I truly wanted to impress someone, I guess it would have to be a Hilary Mantel.

KE Payne: Comprehending and Decoding the Cosmos: Discovering Solutions to Over a Dozen Cosmic Mysteries by Utilizing Dark Matter Relationism, Cosmology, and Astrophysics. In Greek. But I’d be careful to make sure the book wasn’t upside down while I read from it.

Lesley Davies: No book, I’d be carrying my DS and playing Mario. If that doesn’t impress her then she’s so not for me!

Rachel Dax: (Hypothetically of course – given that I’m already in a relationship…) I would have with me The Remarkable Journey Of Miss Tranby Quirke by Elizabeth Ridley. It’s lesbian, it’s historical, it’s well written and it’s one of my favourites.

Cari Hunter: Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. If my date hated that novel, I don’t think we’d have a future.

3) If your date got to the restaurant first and tried the same crafty tactic, what book would make you run a mile?

Cari Hunter: Legendary Farm Tractors: A Photographic History. I’m sure it’s a fascinating book, but I’d be out of that door faster than she could say “Now, this here is a lovely John Deere.”

Manda Scott: That list is endless (!) but Fifty Shades would have to be right at the top.fifty-shades-of-grey-cac1d39d5bb5c20810b1314bcbf61dee35d8219b-s6-c10

Lesley Davies: Anything period costume-y, I can’t stand historical dramas.

Devon Marshall: Fifty Shades of Grey…I don’t even need to say any more about that, do I?!

KE Payne: Fifty Shades of Grey. Especially if they were wearing a gimp mask and had a riding crop propped up against the table. Time to go home and watch Corrie with a cup of hot chocolate if that ever happened.

VG Lee: Anything by DH Lawrence.

Rachel Dax: Fifty Shades Of Grey… Any book that postulates that it’s ok for a woman to sign a contract giving a man total dominance over her and then justifies itself by saying ‘It’s ok because he marries her in the end…’ is not the kind of book I’d want a potential lover to be reading…

Rebecca Buck: If my date was reading while they waited, I’d be unlikely to run anywhere. What better way to pass the time? However, I’d be wary of anything sci-fi or futuristic… or anything like a glossy magazine… Just not my thing.

imagesKiki Archer: Ummm, Fifty shades! Or possibly the lesbian kama sutra!

Clare Ashton:  The Well of Loneliness. No unhappy endings please.

Andrea Bramhall: I’d have to say something that is obviously fake. Like they’re reading Simone De Beauvoir, The Second Sex, got it open half way and can’t tell you anything about it. Obviously brought to show off and failing. Anything else, well at least it gives us somewhere to start and I’m always interested in learning new things.

So there you go: how to impress (or fail to impress) your literary date. Many thanks to all our authors for taking part 🙂