New & Upcoming Releases

Recent and Upcoming Releases by UK lesbian authors


Raging at the Stars by Lesley Davis

raging-at-the-starsConspiracies. Emory Hawkes is an ardent believer. She’s an investigative journalist dedicated to seeking out the truths behind cover-ups and exposing the lies that keep the general population in the dark. Her priority? To expose the secrets at Area 51. While watching the skies over that top secret base, she observes what appears to be saucer-shaped objects descending. Whether of military design or otherworldly origin, Emory can only watch as they launch a devastating attack.

Emory’s theories go against everything Captain Sofia Martinez stands for, and all she has dedicated her life to, working at Area 51. Sofia knows Emory lives to challenge her authority, but can they put aside their differences to fight together to save mankind?

Can they save the world from not just the invaders above but also from the all too human element who have their own secret agendas to set in motion?

Felucca Dreams by Natalie Debrabandere

feluccaNo job, no income. Everything to lose. Although before she figures out how to launch her own business and start earning again, London artist Rowan McAllister has vowed to fulfill a dream. She is off to spend some time in Egypt; to lose herself in ancient history, relax, recharge, and refocus. Writer and archaeologist Professor Alex Casey may have a job and an income, but right now she is flat broke, and in trouble with her colleagues for speaking her mind a little too freely. Dragging a bunch of tourists around the sites and towing the line is not her style, and yet she is grateful for the offer to guide a trip that comes her way. Cairo, Luxor, Aswan. Two women. In the land of Osiris, anything can happen…

A Quiet Death (Book III in the Dark Peak series) by Cari Hunter

AQuietDeathIn book three in the Dark Peak series, things are looking up for Detective Sanne Jensen and Dr. Meg Fielding. Dating each other seems to be working, their families are behaving themselves, and the worst of the post-Christmas crime wave is over.

The discovery of a Pakistani girl s body out on the moors changes all that. No one knows who she is, who hurt her, or how she came to be there. As pressure mounts on East Derbyshire Special Ops for a quick resolution, it becomes ever more apparent that the case won t provide one.

With the Pakistani community closing ranks, and threads of suspicion reaching farther than anyone could have predicted, the investigation leaves Sanne facing an ordeal she may not survive.

All I Want Forever by Clare Lydon

alliwantforeverEveryone says they’re meant to be – but is that enough?

Tori & Holly are engaged, but living 5,000 miles apart: Tori in San Francisco, Holly in London. When Holly flies out to San Francisco for a visit, the pair are forced to examine their relationship and ask themselves: is being together forever what they both really want?






Grounded by AE Radley

grounded_500x800City professional Olivia Lewis is coming to terms with her latest romantic failure by attempting to throw herself into her work. But with clients suddenly leaving Applewood Financial in their droves it becomes clear that old enemies have decided to strike and Olivia realises that she is losing everything.

Meanwhile the world of first-class flight attendant Emily White comes crashing down around her when she loses her job with Crown Airlines. With no income, enormous debts and a broken-hearted five-year-old son she thinks that things can’t get any worse. That is until a blast from the past threatens it all. When a twist of fate brings them together will they finally be able to understand each other?

Unravelled by Jade Winters

unravelledRae and Lindsay are best friends and both have their share of troubles. Rae has a broken marriage behind her, Lindsay has financial woes and the relationship with her girlfriend is on the rocks.

When Rae meets a charismatic stranger; Callum, it seems her life is about to get better. Desperate to have a child with her new beau, Rae asks Lindsay to be a surrogate for a fee. It seems the perfect solution: Two friends getting exactly what they want.

However, their innocent arrangement is about to spectacularly unravel, as Callum plots a dark and twisted plan of his own …


Dark Horse by AL Brooks

darkhorseSometimes, going back is the only way forward.

Punished for a crime she did not commit, Sadie is sent away to live with Elsie, her grandmother and rebuild her life estranged from the rest of her family.

Now, several years later she returns home to visit her terminally ill mother and face up to the past. In the midst of family turmoil Sadie meets Holly and falls in love for the first time.

Can Sadie overcome the lies of the past to build a brighter future?


Ishinnie by SJ Campbell

ishinnieISHINNIE. Perfect love in a world where same-sex relationships are expected and heterosexuals are in the minority. This is a book of two love stories, from two narrators.

Annie, who falls in love with the beautiful and career-driven, Christina, never feeling good enough with her small dreams of a happy family. Annie is haunted by the death of her alcoholic father, destroyed by his husband leaving him for a woman, but Annie believes in ISHINNIE and that her perfect love with Christina will get her through.
Their son, Jim, is the second narrator, falling in love with a girl while he is at school, learning to hide his love for fear of ridicule and bullying. As Jim matures and his passions grow stronger, he has to learn what ISHINNIE is and make a stand.
Annie and Jim, mother and son, on a collision course because of love, held together through the years by the common bond of Christina.
Will they learn the hardest part of love is forgiveness and only then can ISHINNIE be truly felt?

Knight’s Sacrifice by Nita Round

knight's sacrificeFor most people, running a funeral home is a dull and conservative line of work, but when Catherine Samuels inherits the family business she discovers that it is anything but straightforward. For a start, the dead do not always stay dead, they sit up, and they bite. In this strange world, Catherine needs help, and that comes in the form of Cassandra (Cassie) Evans, a heavily armed problem solver, knowledgeable in all things arcane and undead.

Cassie, however, hates her posting to Catherine Samuels. Her charge knows nothing of family, her heritage, nor her duty as the sole remaining caretaker of The Gate, a sentient construct that guards the way to hell and stops the inhabitants of Hell finding their way to the land of the living. Anyone who does not understand the importance of this duty is a liability. Catherine is a liability. Except that Cassie finds an unsettling attraction developing between them that she neither expects nor wants. Duty first, there is no room for emotional entanglements, and certainly not with a woman who rejects all that Cassie thinks is important.

When Catherine finds herself on the brink of losing everything, Cassie, her family, and even life itself, then she must awaken. She must become The Samuel, The Gate Keeper and guard the way between the living and the dead. To make it safe she must travel to hell, with the warrior that she has chosen, and there, if they survive, she must heal the problems of the Gate before all hell breaks loose.


Soul Survivor by I. Beacham

soul-survivorInternationally acclaimed American journalist Josephine “Joey” Barry is considered one of the most iconic correspondents of her time, having reported on major crises from many of the world’s hotspots. But everything crumbles when rebel insurgents near the Syrian border attack and kill her team, forcing her to hide. Rescued but traumatized, she finds she can no longer cope with who she once was, breaking down on national television during a live political debate.

Sent to England to try to get her mojo back, her path crosses the Reverend Samantha “Sam” Savage, a charismatic vicar with an appetite for compassion and motor biking. Nonbeliever Joey is drawn to her, not knowing Sam is struggling with her own demons. Can their love grow through such adversity?

Highland Fling by Anna Larner

Highland Fling Book CoverEve Eddison describes her ideal woman to her best friend, Roxanne, over pints in their local pub a few days before she travels to the Scottish Highlands. There she falls head over heels for an enigmatic local, Moira Burns, and the usually reticent Eve wants more than a holiday romance. Forestry officer Moira Burns has no intention of letting go—either of past pain or for present pleasure. If that means she misses out on her chance at happiness, so be it. Convinced Eve is headed for heartbreak, Roxanne advises her to let Moira go…but has Eve found her ideal woman at last?

From the breathtaking Highlands of Scotland to the buzz of a Leicester gay bar, family and friendship are tested to breaking point, as letting go proves painfully hard.

Escape in Time by Robyn Nyx

extractorAn extractor is elite in every way, and Landry Donovan is no exception. Pulsus, an organization working to build a better future by saving people from the past, sends Landry’s team back to Nazi Germany to save a Jewish doctor working on a cure for cancer. For the first time on a mission, she’s distracted by thoughts of a woman—the enticing basketball player, Jade Carter.

Jacqulyn Delaney, a Pulsus Operative, waits in a concentration camp for Landry’s arrival. Her job is slowly messing with her mind, as is her desire to be more to Landry than just a friend with benefits. When an unexpected relationship blooms in Germany, it puts a new perspective on the future.

Can they save the doctor? Or will their personal demons leave them stuck in the past?



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  1. Mykel rollins May 14, 2015 at 12:23 am #

    Just got finished reading Dante series by Devon Marshall and now I’m wondering has she written a third? It’s been a couple of years hasn’t it? Or does anyone have a clue when the third will be released?

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