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After Mrs Hamilton, C-Spot Reviews and Mostly Lesfic book club

21 Feb

AMHAfter Mrs Hamilton by Clare Ashton was reviewed at C-Spot Reviews this week:

“This is what I have been looking for in lesfic since I started reading lesfic. This is what I have been wanting to read every time I have been disappointed by so many lackluster romances that flood the market. I felt the same way when I read Fingersmith by Sarah Waters; an almost immediate, desperate need to devour more stories with complicated characters that made me ache with sadness while making me indescribably happy.”

Read the rest of the review here.

C-Spot reviews has hundreds of reviews of lesbian fiction. Cheri (co-host of the Cocktail Hour podcasts) plus guest authors post reviews for all genres at C-Spot, but with an emphasis on lesbian novels and femslash.

mostlylesficIf you’re looking for a lesbian book club, the Mostly Lesfic group nominates and votes for a lesbian novel every month, discusses it online, holds a Q&A session with the author where possible, and then meets via webcam to discuss the book. Recent Books-of-the-Month at Mostly Lesfic have included Sarah Dreher’s classic Stoner McTavish and they are currently discussing Clare Ashton’s After Mrs Hamilton. Membership is open to anyone who signs up to a free GoodReads account (and likes pie.)