News Update: Clare Lydon Events and Radio Show, Hild and The Paying Guests Scoop Library Awards, Interview with Sarah Waters, & Emma Donoghue on Audible…

12 Feb

I suspect the recent cold weather might have sent most of our UK LesFic authors into hibernation. These last couple of weeks have been very very quiet on the news front, but – being knee-deep in edits myself – I’ve decided not to hang on to this update any longer (mainly because one of the events featured is actually taking place tonight!)

~ ~ ~

clare lydonWe’ll start with the aforementioned event, which is Clare Lydon reading at Wood Green Library (alongside Katie Bennett-Hall) as part of LGBT History Month, and also for the launch of the LBT Women & Guests Drop-in & Book Club. This event is tonight (12th February) 5.30-7 p.m, and will cost you absolutely nothing, although booking is advised. Clare will be reading from the charity UK LesFic anthology, L is For and there will be an author Q&A after the readings. You can find more details and the booking information at this link.

l is forThis seems like the perfect moment to remind people that Clare will also be reading from her second novel, The Long Weekend, at Polari (Royal Festival Hall) on the 23rd February. Tickets and more info here.

I’m not sure when this woman ever sleeps (she certainly doesn’t hibernate!) but the third episode of her radio show, The Lesbian Book Club, is now up featuring American author Cindy Rizzo talking about L Fest, her novels, going from being self-published to signing with Ylva Publishing, and generally having a right old natter. You can listen along at this link.

~ ~ ~

kissing the witchMore good news now for all those who like to read with their ears. Kissing the Witch, Emma Donoghue‘s lesbian, feminist retelling of well-known fairy tales has been released as an unabridged audio book on audible:

Thirteen tales are unspun from the deeply familiar and woven anew into a collection of fairy tales that wind back through time. Emma Donoghue reveals heroines young and old in unexpected alliances–sometimes treacherous, sometimes erotic, but always courageous. Told with luminous voices that shimmer with sensuality and truth, these age-old characters shed their antiquated cloaks to travel a seductive new landscape, radiantly transformed.

Hit the link for more information. Meanwhile, Emma’s website reveals she’s is “immersed” in her next adult novel, set in 1850s Ireland.

~ ~ ~

HILDUKNicola Griffith‘s Hild has bagged a runners up spot in the Historical Fiction category in the American Library Association list of Notable Books 2014. The full round up of all the winners and runners up can be found here. Hild was also chosen, alongside Sarah WatersThe Paying Guests, for the 2015 Over The Rainbow list, which aims to create a bibliography of books that exhibited commendable literary quality and significant LGBT content and are recommended for adults. Congrats to both!

~ ~ ~

Speaking of Sarah Waters, she has been interviewed over at the Indian Express blog in which she discusses her novels, her thoughts about writing a book set in the present day, and what she thinks about her unofficial title: The Queen of the Tortured Lesbian Romance:

Yes, some of my characters have been a little tortured. And while my books have love stories, all of them except one (The Little Stranger) have had lesbian protagonists and lesbian desire has been at the heart of the narrative. I don’t want it ever to be forgotten.

You can read the full 3 page interview at the link.

598px-Sarah_WatersMeanwhile, Elinor over at The Lesbrary has been catching up with one of Sarah’s older novels with a recently posted review of The Night Watch:

I loved it, but other readers may find The Night Watch too depressing. I felt emotionally drained when I finished it. For me, it was worth it, but fans of happy endings might disagree. Whether or not you enjoy the book depends largely on the degree to which you engage with the characters, and not everyone will like these reserved Londoners and their private struggles. This is not a novel with an action-packed plot, which keeps the reader close to the main characters. If you don’t connect with the characters during the 1947 section, you probably won’t enjoy hundreds more pages with them.

The full in-depth review can be found here.

~ ~ ~

And that really is yer lot for this fortnight, although, just taking a toot at the list of releases pending from UK authors, I suspect this may be the lull before the storm…

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