Authors of year, Cari Hunter, Jade Winters, books hot off the press, and more!

8 Nov

It’s wet. It’s windy. It’s meant to stay that way. Why not curl up with a bit of lesfic. Here is the news:



Photo Emma Bailey Photography

The ceremony for the Ultimate Planet Awards (dubbed the Lesbian Oscars) took place last weekend and there was a good turnout of lesfic writers. The shortlist for established author was an especially strong one (VG Lee, Sarah Waters, Catherine Hall, Stella Duffy, Kiki Archer) and reflects the great variety and calibre of UK lesfic authors these days. The prize was won by the ever popular VG Lee with Kiki Archer next with an honorable mention. A close result as you can see.

You can still catch the author of the year on the Polari Tour around the UK,  and also Kiki at the Birmingham event on November the 15th. See VG’s event page for details.

Photo Emma Bailey Photography

Photo Emma Bailey Photography

The future of UK lesfic is also looking promising with authors such as Clare Lydon, VA Fearon and Karen Campbell nominated in the New Author of the Year category. Karen Campbell ran off with this but stopped to have a photo taken.

Pop over to the Ultimate Planet Facebook page for more photos of what looked like a fabulous evening.


smaller coverSome Cari Hunter news now. Fans of thrillers, maiming and a bit of loving on the side will be excited to hear that her next book No Good Reason has been scheduled in for June next year. The book is part 1 in the Dark Peak Series and book 2 has been signed up by Bold Strokes and will follow closely in March the following year.

Meanwhile, Cari’s last novel Tumbledown, a Rainbow Awards finalist, received a glowing review over on Out in Print:

But the characters and the elements wouldn’t mean a thing without the tension of Hunter’s action scenes, which are flawless. Other thriller authors (yes, I’m looking at you Patterson and Grisham) could take lessons from Hunter when it comes to writing these babies. Twists and turns and forgotten or unconventional weaponry along with pluck and spirit keep me breathless and reading way past my bedtime. I can almost imagine Hunter as sweating and out of breath as her heroines once she writes her way out of the set-ups she conjures.

You can read the full review here.


Jade Winters has tarted up her website and also been chatting about her battle with writer’s block. Her readers will be very glad to hear that she’s winning that battle, doing so well in fact that she’s publishing her next book chapter by chapter and for free. On her Facebook page she says that it’s a way to thank her readers. Here’s the cover and the blurb for The Hidden Truth. Chapters will start appearing on her website from Sunday.

thehiddentruthCara has no one but herself to blame for the situation she finds herself in – she broke the cardinal rule: Don’t read someone’s personal diary. But what if she hadn’t? How long would it have been before she found out that Melanie, her girlfriend of four years, was sleeping with her flatmate?

Suddenly finding herself homeless, Cara retreats to her parents’ home in the heart of Cumbria to lick her wounds. When she unexpectedly bumps into her old school friend Erin, she is shocked to realise that the love she once felt for her is still there.

Though the chemistry can’t be ignored, Erin isn’t the same trusting person she once was and fights to keep her feelings for Cara at bay – she’s been hurt in the past and refuses to go down that path again for anyone, especially the woman who was the cause of her heartache in the first place.

Meanwhile Terry Baker has reviewed Jade’s latest book Second Thoughts:

As with each new Jade Winters book, this has now become my firm favorite, at least until the next book. This romance with an unexpected twist, is well written and is a page turner from the very first sentence right through to the last. The story had me sitting on the edge of my seat feverishly ripping through the pages until I reached the end. The suspense was spellbinding and the intrigue intense.”

Here’s the review in full.


HILDUKstarting oversilver-wings-h-p-munro-paperback-cover-artellendean


Some other news from around the web now.

Nicola Griffith has been hinting at what to expect in Hild 2 on her blog.

Jen Silver has been blogging over on Women and Words and talking through her creative process from start to publication. She is also doing a giveaway of her book Starting Over, so head over there now.

After Ellen
has been recommending lesfic romances to get you hooked. As well as the usual suspects (Georgia Beers, Radclyffe, etc.) HP Munro‘s Silver Wings is also given a great plug. Here’s the list.

And if you’re looking for something a little bit different again, lesfic author Ellen Dean has penned a murder mystery play called Fore Play. You can catch the play in York on the 31st January – details here.

On to new books.

Hot off the press is Clare Lydon’s The Long Weekend. We’ll be hearing more from Clare next week in an interview with her on UKLesFic. For now here’s the blurb and the link to the new release on Amazon.

TheLongWeekend-640x1024 Twenty years since meeting at university, a group of friends rent a house in Devon to celebrate. Fresh air, sandy beaches and historic friendships – what could possibly go wrong?

The catch is, university sweethearts Vic & Stevie are on the rocks, their three-year marriage floundering, while Kat & Abby’s combustible relationship looks set to ignite at any second. Meanwhile, Tash & Laura have downed responsibilities & kids for the weekend and are ready for some fun; single CID sergeant Geri can’t wait to get away from the London scene to reboot her slumbering love life and that’s not to mention Stu & his boyfriend Darren who bring their own man-sized baggage…

Add in laughs, simmering tension, romance & no shortage of wine and you’ve got all the ingredients for a rollercoaster ride of a long weekend…

Chrissie McDill has also published her second novel Through a Stranger’s Eyes:

through a stranger“I willed myself to look away from her burning eyes but the hatred in her expression anchored my feet to the floor, locking my gaze on hers with the strength of a steel trap…a giant hand was squeezing the breath from me, ripping into the life-centre of my brain and steadily crushing the beat from my heart…”

Frances is a lesbian who hates change. Even her eco-terrorist husband, Dan, is as necessary to her as her sagging couch, worn wicker chair and faded cushion.

But routine has a habit of changing and as Frances’s life spirals out of control, she tries to cling to a normality that is fast disappearing.

Through an assortment of eccentric and funny characters, and with the support of Kris, her new lover, can Frances learn to re-think her place in the world and discover the truth about herself?


Finally UKLesFic wishes Terry Baker a very happy retirement. Terry has been an astonishingly prolific reviewer of lesfic over the last few years and is the go-to reviewer of many a lesfic reader when a new title comes out. But the time has come to spend more time with family and friends and Terry’s December reviews will be her last. All the best Terry. Your reviews will be missed.

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