Jade Winters: Saying “I do” when you so don’t

21 Oct

JadeWintersphotosmToday’s guest post is by the author of multiple best-sellers, Jade Winters. She’s written us a teasing blog about her new novel Second Thoughts which has already hooked her many readers.


When we’re lost in the heady moments of new love, powerless against its mesmerising spell, how many of us actually listen to that tiny voice within? You know the one, that niggling little voice of reason telling us something’s not quite right. That inner voice that sees through the lust and wild passion and points out the cold hard truth none of us wish to hear – “Sorry love, she’s just not right for you.” So, hands up, who has ever listened to that little voice?

Frankly not many, if divorce statistics are anything to go by! But even if we do harbour such doubts, can we ever truly know if we are marrying the right person until it’s too late? This is the dilemma that the central character Melissa faces in my new novel Second Thoughts. Her quandary is further compounded by the unexpected arrival of her ex-partner, Sara – the one that ripped her heart out, the one that destroyed her. Talk about bad timing. Still, you know what they say, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

SecondThoughtsSo Melissa is confused to say the least. But that’s not all. Add to the mix a giant dose of bereavement and heartache, and you see how fate has truly mixed her a lethal cocktail. One which will play havoc with her ability to make any type of decision, let alone one that will change her life forever.

At this stage in her life, Melissa’s motivation is clear. All she wants is to feel safe and secure – something she has never experienced. A loving but distant mother, a sister who was emotionally unavailable – is it any wonder she said “I do” to the safe, reliable Bettina when she asked her for her hand in marriage? Life is so simple now, she had thought, all worked out. How wrong could she be! The last thing Melissa would have expected was for Sara to turn up and throw a heart-shaped spanner in the works. Sara the heartbreaker. Sara the dissembler. The one that left. She had her chance but had blown it when she decided to put her career ahead of their relationship. How could she come back now, just as Melissa was getting her life sorted? Does Sara really deserve redemption, after all it was Bettina who picked up the broken pieces of Melissa’s life and made her whole again?

And so the dice is thrown. The book follows Melissa’s roller-coaster of emotions as she struggles to decipher what, and more importantly who she wants. Should she plod down the safe road of the tried and tested with Bettina or throw caution to the wind, chancing it all on the fickle and unpredictable Sara? Then just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, a dark family secret explodes like a bomb, shattering her world further. The course of true love never did run smooth…

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