News Roundup: New Novels from Clare Ashton & Catherine Hall, Kiki Archer in Curve, Andrea Bramhall on “Why?”, Reviews & More…

8 May

As we break out the bunting, sequins, fireworks, and ripaway skirts for Eurovision this weekend, let’s take a moment out of the preparations to see what the UK LesFic writers have been up to…

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No matter how many “null points” the Brit entry scores on Saturday, our very own Clare Ashton will still have quite a bit to celebrate with her third novel That Certain Something set for release later this month. Taking a step away from the dark and twisty After Mrs Hamilton, Clare has gone for light-hearted rom-com with That Certain Something, and we have the blurb and rather lovely cover right here:

that certain somethingLove or money? Follow the head or heart? Pia and Cate seem to be flip sides of a coin. But when they meet, they definitely have that certain something, and these questions aren’t so simple after a night like theirs.

Pia Benitez-Smith has a head full of ideals and romance, much to her mother’s distress. She’s a young photojournalist out to prove herself and although not accident prone, trouble certainly finds her. On one such troublesome day, she literally falls into the arms of the beautiful Cate. Elegant, intriguing and well-spoken, Cate appears the polar opposite of Pia. When the two banter about the importance of love versus money, Cate claims that her perfect night will always be expensive. Working-class Pia can’t resist this challenge and with the aid of a beguiling summer night in London, she begins to enchant her new friend.

An irresistible couple, a charismatic city, a priceless supporting cast – That Certain Something is a sparkling romance from Goldie award winner Clare Ashton.

Clare has given the novel a release date of “Oh God, some time in May” (or words to that effect) so keep your eye on the news and the New & Upcoming Releases page for further information.

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BSB-AndreaBramhallLgFor those of you who entered our recent contest to win a copy of Andrea Bramhall‘s latest release Nightingale, the winner – who correctly answered that Hazaar means Nightingale in Arabic – was CJ Wightman. Congrats CJ and a big thank you to everyone who participated.

Andrea has also been blogging at Women and Words, answering a question that she has apparently faced quite a few times in the past months: Why?

That seems to be the general question when I talk to anyone about Nightingale. Why write a story like this? Why write about a Muslim girl falling in love with a white girl? Why do I think I’m qualified to write this story when I’m not Muslim and haven’t been in a relationship with a Muslim girl? Why write a story that has so much darkness to it? Why write this story?

If you want to know her answers, head to this link.

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Glum about missing out on a free book? Well sulk no more because Niamh Murphy has posted a further two chapters of her short story The Lady Edris and the Kingdom in a Cave over at Wattpad. The story, which is closing in on its finale, is completely free to read, and you can catch up with all of the chapters by clicking here.

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Kiki-264Hopping across the pond for a moment now, as Curve Magazine has been chatting to Kiki Archer about her fifth bestselling novel, and her plans for the future (clue: she’s about to embark on a screenwriting course). On the secret to her success, she has this to say:

I think I’m easy to relate to for a lot of lesbians. I’m a working mum with a wife and two young children. I don’t pretend to have the most important job in the work. My writing is a hobby which I fit around what actually IS the most important job in the world – being a mum. I’m easily accessible on social media and I think readers like the fact they can contact me freely, even if just to say they’ve enjoyed my latest book.

The full interview is available here.

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the repercussionsAn early heads up about a new novel from Catherine Hall  – author of Days of Grace and The Proof of Love, which won the prestigious Green Carnation prize in 2011. Her third novel, The Repercussionswill be released by Portobello books on September 25th, and its blurb goes like this:

When war photographer Jo returns from her latest assignment in Afghanistan and moves into the Brighton flat she’s just inherited, she hopes to restore equilibrium to her chaotic life. But images and events of her recent past and the reading of her great-grandmother Elizabeth’s diary haunt her night and day, forcing Jo to come to terms with demons she thought she could leave behind.

~ ~ ~

clare lydonClosing out this week with a review round-up!

First up, the Lesbian Reading Room has been taking a peek at Clare Lydon‘s London Calling:

But for me what makes this stand out head and shoulders is the comedy. It is quintessentially British, a tale of minor disasters which constantly derail Jess’s hopes without being too heavy. Our heroine has to work to get out from one thing after another. The farce is clever and witty – hugely entertaining and a joyous read.

~ ~ ~

cover_hearts-and-flowers-borderMeanwhile, Terry Baker has been very busy with the Brits. She had this to say about the recent reissue of L.T. Smith‘s Hearts and Flowers Border:

I read this book years ago and really enjoyed it. I was so pleased to see that it has been re-published and is now available in ebook. LT Smith is an accomplished writer. Her books are a delight to read and her wit and humor is wonderful.
This is an easy and comfortable read. The story is told from Laura’s point of view and follows through from her teens and her first love through to adulthood. There is a melting pot full of emotions running rife throughout, with a lot of intense drama and angst both from the teenage Laura and Emma through to the adult Laura and Emma. But, there is a lot of laughter too.

~ ~ ~

Terry has also reviewed Grace Falls by H.P. Munro:

grace fallsThis is the first book I’ve read by H.P. Munro. I have to say, it won’t be the last as I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is a true delight to read. The two main characters, Maddie and Alex are so obviously made for each other. Both are multi-faceted with a fantastic back up cast of secondary characters all interacting wonderfully well together to progress the story forward.

And Jade Winters’ Say Something:

Each of her books are so very different. This book is about bullying and the consequences of a person being bullied. Not only bullying in schools amongst children and teens, but bullying within the work place. It happens far too often. Jade has portrayed these cases with knowledge, care and understanding. She has obviously researched the subject very well. Jade has picked a tough subject to write about, she’s done it extremely well and fearlessly.

You can find the full text of all those reviews by hitting each link.

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Right that’s me done. Don’t suppose anyone knows where I can buy a feather boa, a glow-in-the-dark tiara, and a rara skirt?





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  1. C.J. at 12:46 pm #

    Thrilled to win Andrea’s intriguing book and really looking forward to reading it. Thanks.

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