News Roundup: New Author H.P. Munro, Emma Donoghue on Goodreads, New Short Story from Niamh Murphy, Reviews, Blogs & More!

24 Apr

As we stagger out of our egg shaped, chocolate-binge haze and begin to count down the days until our next Bank Holiday (holy crap, May 5th? That’s only another 10 days!) let’s find out what our UK authors been up to over the long, lazy Easter weekend. Hmm, quite a lot actually…

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silver-wings-h-p-munro-paperback-cover-artA warm welcome this week to an author new to our site. H.P. Munro started writing in 2010 and lives in Edinburgh with her wife. Her début novel Silver Wings has just been been shortlisted for the 2014 Goldies in the category of Historical Fiction, and her second novel Grace Falls was published in February. She is currently working on her third novel Stars Collide. You can find more about H.P. on her website, or on her Facebook page, and she also tweets: @munrohp

Back in January, this is what F/F review blog Loving Venus-Loving Mars had to say about Silver Wings:

Ultimately though, it’s about two women who fall in love and try to navigate how to be together during this time period and being separated due to their service and social mores of the time. I liked that the author did both a prologue and an epilogue from current time. It gave a strong feeling of a life- long interesting history of a woman, her love, and other women who had guts and lived what they wanted to.

You can read the full text of that review here.

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emma-donoghue-illo_2373764bTuesday of this week saw Emma Donoghue answering questions over on Goodreads. The chat covered loads of ground, taking in pretty much all of Emma’s novels, from her early works to her current release Frog Music. Emma had this to say to a reader wondering when another LesFic novel might be on the agenda,

If by ‘another book like Landing or Stir-fry‘ you mean contemporary and lesbian themed, I don’t know: the next time a really good idea along those lines seizes me! 

So, basically, never say never! The Q&A is well worth a read and can be found here in its entirety.

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Niamh Murphy may have been quiet on the blogging front for a little while, but she’s still busy writing. She has recently posted the first two chapters of a new story – The Lady Edris and the Kingdom in a Cave –  onto Wattpad. That link will take you to the table of contents. Niamh has been chatting to readers in the comments section after each chapter, so be sure to leave her some feedback 🙂

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JadeWintersphotoKeeping it real in Faking It, is a new blog entry from Jade Winters in which she focuses on the creation of characters. Jade gives away some handy hints for any budding writers out there, or for any readers who might be interested in the processes involved in shaping a character:

Getting into the mindset of different characters requires truly stepping back, removing your own head and thinking about things in a different way. As a writer, you might actually loathe one of your characters but you have to resist the urge to ‘correct’ them , instead you must just let their voice be heard, however ugly. That can be hard, as I always want to see the best in people. With regard to writing a character’s dialogue, people may think your dialogue is clichéd in certain aspects, but guess what – real life people are! Not everyone has the wit of Oscar Wilde, so you can’t throw hilarious one liners or incredible vocabulary in unless it fits the character.

The full blog can be found at the above link.

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nightingaleWith a new novel – Nightingale – set for release next month, Andrea Bramhall has been blogging over on the Bold Strokes Authors‘ blog. Her piece, themed around the issue of illiteracy, ties into the novel, but Andrea’s not yet spilling the beans as to exactly how.

My parents were born in England and tracing back my family tree we’re talking at least eight generations born and raised in England. One of the wealthiest, most educated countries in the world. And when I was twelve I found out something that shocked me about my Granddad Adshead – my mum’s dad. I found out he couldn’t read. He couldn’t write. Not even enough to sign his own name. I saw a copy of his marriage certificate – he marked it with a cross.

To read the rest of the blog, and for a chance to win a copy of Nightingale, head to this link. And if you miss out this time around, we’ll be hosting a blog from Andrea and another giveaway early next week.

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LittleWhispersClosing out the week with a lovely pair of quickies from Planet of the Books, who posted a short review for Jade WintersSay Something:

Two strong female leads blend together in romance, friendship and possibly more, in this story that leads a windy, twisty path to a happy conclusion. 

And another brief write up of Karen Campbell‘s short story collection Little Whispers:

This lovely collection of short stories combines heart with a range of interesting characters, and a common thread of fond retrospect.

Both books scored a cracking 4 out of 5 on the Ultimate Planet Book Rating.

~ ~ ~

Okay, time to put the kettle on and say ta-ta for now. I might console myself with a nice bourbon biccie – I just realised I’m working the next bank hol…


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