News roundup: Hild makes it to the UK, a new old book from LT Smith, food porn from Cari Hunter and music from RJ Samuel

21 Mar

While most authors seem to have been distracted by the latest Buzzfeed quiz of which actress would play them in their life’s movie (Emma Watson, mutter mutter, I wanted Meryl Streep, mutter mutter), there’s still enough going on to bring you a news roundup:

coldwindNicola Griffith‘s Hild makes an appearance in the UK, without Hild appearing on the cover. Have a look over here for the classy UK edition and release dates for the various formats. Nicola is also adding the finishing touches to a short story, Cold Wind, which has more tantalising artwork. It will be available (free) from April 24 on the science fiction / fantasy website


cover_hearts-and-flowers-borderL.T. Smith‘s Hearts and Flowers Border has been reissued with her new publisher Ylva. This second revised edition is now available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. Here’s the blurb:

A visitor from her past jolts Laura Stewart into memories—some funny, some heart-wrenching. Thirteen years ago, Laura buried those memories so deeply she never believed they would resurface. Still, the pain of first love mars Laura’s present life and might even destroy her chance of happiness with the beautiful, yet seemingly unobtainable Emma Jenkins.

Can Laura let go of the past, or will she make the same mistakes all over again?

Hearts and Flowers Border is a simple tale of the uncertainty of youth and the first flush of love—love that may have a chance after all.


FrogMusicIt’s also not long now until Emma Donoghue‘s Frog Music is available. For those of you who want to tease yourself a little more while waiting here’s the trailer over on Goodreads.

~ ~ ~

New author Clare Lydon will be online for a Q&A session about her popular debut London Calling. You can catch her in the discussion group The Virtual Living Room on Sunday 6th April at 3 p.m. tumbledownforblogEST. To join the discussion group click here.

~ ~ ~

If you’re one of those readers who loves background to a novel, don’t miss out on Cari Hunter‘s post to accompany her latest book Tumbledown. The post details Cari’s research from locations of derelict warehouses to some obligatory food porn. Cari’s also happy to answer questions about the book in the comments section. Here’s the post.

~ ~ ~

sharonmurphy1As mentioned on last week’s news, the song RJ Samuel wrote to go with her new novel A Place Somewhere is now available to purchase on Amazon’s MP3 store,  available to everyone that is apart from RJ and anyone else in Ireland. Irish fans will just have to wait for the iTunes version or nip over here to cdbaby.


BSB_Because_of_HerThere’s a nice guest post on the Bold Strokes Author Blog about KE Payne‘s latest novel Because of Her. KEblogged for us earlier this week about why she writes YA fiction to reassure people that it’s OK to be gay. Her work certainly strikes a chord:

Because of Her is the kind of YA book that makes a difference without being forced. It doesn’t tell you how all people my age are supposed to feel, but it reminds us there are others who have gone through the same things as us. Everyone has been this age, but some people seem to have lost the ability to understand how it feels to be a high schooler. Thank goodness K.E. Payne hasn’t because people my age, myself included, need writers like her telling stories for and about us.”

You can read the full post here.


merylstreepFinally here’s a picture of Meryl Streep, just because. (Look if she can pull off roles from Thatcher to Mamma Mia then she can do me – stupid Buzzfeed.)

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