News roundup: Cari Hunter’s Bad Medicine, Blogs & Giveaways from Amy Dunne & Kiki Archer, Nicola Griffith’s Tiptree Honour and More!

20 Feb

Fancy a quickie? You’re in luck. Here’s this week’s short and sweet UK LesFic news.


tumbledownforblogCari Hunter‘s been posting over on the Bold Strokes blog on being an irritating spouse and pedant. It’s a short and typically funny piece where she talks about writing medical scenes and getting the balance “right and not sounding like a pompous arse”:

“There are quite a few perils involved in my day job as a paramedic: driving fast on blue lights, drunkards with lively fists, an abundance of spilled bodily fluids, and patients who decide—for whatever reason—to answer the door naked. If I’m honest, I can cope with pretty much all of the above, but one side effect of the job is more disconcerting: my wife will no longer watch medical dramas on the telly with me.”

Get yourself over here to read the rest of the blog.

Cari’s latest novel, Tumbledown, is also now out on Kindle.


onefootMeanwhile, Kiki Archer‘s characters from One Foot Onto the Ice have been taking a peek at her other novels. The blog is a nice fictional piece to give you a taster of Kiki’s characters (and there’s a giveaway too):

Susan laughed. “The lady in my book’s about to sing during an interview.”
“What’s the book?”
“Binding Devotion by Kiki Archer. Pippa, one of the main characters, is on an interview for a job working as PA to the other main character, Andi, who happens to be a wonderfully charismatic lesbian advocate for LGBT rights.”
Jenna rolled her eyes. “And this Pippa’s a lesbian too?”
“So, let me guess. They get it on?…”

Kiki’s doing a giveaway of a signed paperback version of One Foot Onto the Ice, so make sure you leave a comment before Tuesday to be in with a chance.


BSB_Secret_LiesAmy Dunne‘s also been blogging over at Women and Words and is doing a giveaway (deadline Friday!). She talks about her well-respected début novel, Secret Lies,  a story of first love, traumatic lives and the taboo subject of self-harm, an area she discussed leaving out with her editor:

“So, why did I want to keep it in the book? To raise awareness. I want people to understand that it’s a deeply complex issue and that more research has to be conducted. It’s not going to go away and ignoring it is dangerous.

If even one young person, a parent, family member, or teacher enjoys reading Secret Lies and takes something positive away too, then I’ve succeeded in doing what I set out to do.

Above anything else, it’s a coming-of-age romance story. First love (is something many of us can relate to and) is full of a whole host of wonderful feelings and experiences.”

The full piece is here.

You can also find the latest review for Secret Lies on Frances and Lynne’s blog

“Two main realizations struck me as I turned the last page. The first was just how realistic the main characters, and in fact all the characters, were. They were flawed, but there were still many good qualities to them… A very realistic book for middle/older teens that I wish I had been around when I was a teenager.”


330x235valmcdermidWe were contacted a little while ago by a reader pining for news of LesFic events north of the border in Scotland. While we’ve not managed to find something that’s entirely lesbian fiction-orientated, Val McDermid will be appearing at Aye Write! (Glasgow’s book festival) on Saturday 12th April. More details are to be announced, but the festival has a website here with some early programme information. We’ll also keep an eye on the site and see what else we can dig up a bit closer to the time.

~ ~ ~

hild coverA big congratulations this week to Nicola Griffith whose epic novel Hild has been included on the Tiptree Award Honor List. The Tiptree Award is  an annual literary prize for science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender, and the judges had this to say about Hild:

This stunningly beautiful historical novel describes what life might have been like for a woman whose mother has arranged for her to be “the light of the world”: the real-life St. Hilda of Whitby. In a rollicking good read, the reader is drawn into action and adventure as Hild becomes a king’s seer, a warrior, and a vessel through which the dynamics of power and gender in war-ravaged 7th-century Britain can be explored.

For more about the award, the winner, and the honour list, hop over to this website.

Nicola was actually chatting about writing Science Fiction when she heard the good news. Her blog piece, largely focusing on Ammonite and Slow River is over here.

~ ~ ~

Kerry-Hudson-008Finally, for any writers there’s a workshop on March 23rd with Paul Burston and Kerry Hudson (Tony Hogan bought me an Ice Cream Float before he Stole My Ma) on overcoming writer’s block. Topics include:

  • Storyboarding – overcoming the ‘fear of the blank screen’
  • What writing groups can do for you, and how to find the right one
  • Deadlines, feedback and brainstorming
  • How to read like a writer (and how it can help you)
  • Tips for building confidence

For more information on this workshop with these two experienced and respected writers follow this link.

~ ~ ~

That’s all folks!

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