News Roundup: Sarah Waters Cover Unveiled, Interviews with KE Payne & Andrea Bramhall, New Novels, Lesbians at Lewisham, and More!

14 Feb

2014 cadbury heart shaped chocolates designs and collectionsWell, it’s February 14th and love is definitely in the air here at UK LesFic as we put on romantic music, eat heart-shaped chocolates, buy ridiculously over-priced flowers, and get all smoochy with our nearest and dearest. But before all that, let’s have some news, shall we?

~ ~ ~

PayingGuest_D-2-186x300There seems to be a wealth of information about forthcoming novels this week, with several sneaky peeks at new covers and synopses. A couple of days ago, Sarah Waters unveiled her striking cover for The Paying Guests over on her website, along with an explanation of the thought processes that went into the design:

Publisher Lennie Goodings said: ‘Our Creative Director Duncan Spilling has given Sarah Waters’ covers a distinctive look, inspired by the typography of the eras in which she sets her books. With The Paying Guests taking place in the 1920s, we wanted a cover which reflects the film posters and iconography of the period, and which hints at the tension and surprises contained within the novel. We love it, and we’re sure her many fans will too.’

The Paying Guests will be published on September 4th.

~ ~ ~

Publisher Regal Crest has shared the synopsis for Mountain Rescue: On the Edge by Sky Croft:

Dr. Sydney Greenwood and expert climber Kelly Saber are back in this sequel to Mountain Rescue: The Ascent.

Having settled into their relationship, life is sweet for the devoted couple, and a brief trip away allows Saber to meet Sydney’s family. Upon their return, rock slides, torrential rain, and surging rivers cause no end of problems for the Mountain Rescue team, while on the home front, Sydney needs her partner’s support more than ever when faced with a family tragedy. Together, the two women have to navigate between personal trials, and the trials of the mountain. This is…On The Edge.

The novel is tentatively scheduled to be released in the Yellow Rose imprint in December 2014. More news on this one as we get it.

~ ~ ~

swordfishAndrea Bramhall has a new interview up at the Ylva website, in which she chats about superpowers, lottery dreams, oh, and that business of writing stuff. She also reveals that she has just signed a contract with Bold Strokes Books for her fifth novel, tentatively titled The Curse of the Chameleon and pencilled in for a release late in 2015:

Childhood friends, Imogen and Amahle, couldn’t come from more different backgrounds. One is privileged and the other is little more than a slave, but they thought nothing could tear their unusual friendship apart. But a changing political landscape and an uncertain future cast Imogen into a lonely world away from everything and everyone she knows, and by the time she returns to Africa everything has changed. Expecting to run the family vineyard after her father’s death, Imogen is ill prepared for the Africa she finds. Betrayal, deceit, and anger are the currency of the day and it is far from the life Imogen wants to lead.

When Amahle’s family is caught up in the middle of a bitter legal battle, she fights for what she believes is right, despite her own lingering feelings toward her childhood friend and a growing attraction she finds harder and harder to fight. But what happens when those you believed in let you down? What happens when friend becomes foe and your world turns upside down? What can be built from the ashes of betrayal? Is love enough?  

You can read the full Ylva interview here.

In the meantime, Andrea will be busy getting novels number three and four – Nightingale (May, 2014) and Swordfish (January 2015, check out the swanky cover!) – ready to rock and roll. Never one for a quiet life, she has also been reading from Captured on Canvas, a short story featuring characters from Clean Slate, for Liz McMullen’s Valentine Special. Apparently the excerpt would make her granny blush, so it’s sure to be a good listen.

~ ~ ~

BSB_Because_of_HerSticking with Bold Strokes authors for a moment, as KE Payne has been chatting to fellow YA author Juliann Rich about her new novel Because of Her. The interview hosted on Juliann’s blog sees KE discussing her inspirations, her typical day, and writing for a young adult audience:

I write mainly YA, so I want my message to be loud and clear: it’s okay to be gay. So many teens struggle with their sexuality, but if they can just read one book that lets them know they’re not alone, then that makes me happy. I receive so many emails from readers telling me how much my books have helped them with their own struggles; that’s immensely gratifying and definitely encourages me to keep writing more.

Read more over here.

~ ~ ~v-a-fearon

Shocking news now, as a sleepy library in Lewisham was recently overrun by LESBIANS! Cherry Potts, VG Lee, VA Fearon, and Kate Foley were all involved in this nefarious coup, and photographs of the suspects can be found here. Apparently, all four women are armed (well, they all have arms at any rate) and reasonably dangerous. Approach with caution and biscuits. Video of the event – presumably so they can send a copy to Crime Watch – is pending.

~ ~ ~

vgleeNot satisfied with causing ructions in Lewisham, VG Lee has been blogging over at Gay Star News. How a Married Woman Found Happiness By Coming Out as a Lesbian is a revealing and heartfelt piece that is well worth a few minutes of your time: 

The problems will always remain in the small and personal. Private prejudices within family, friends and work situations. I am now braver, more confident and often very happy to feel myself to be part of LGBTI. Having said that, there are still moments when I am with straight friends, that I feel my life and sexuality are being completely ignored or ludicrous assumptions made. I hear my voice becoming querulous and defensive as I strive to put over how it is to be a lesbian. 

You can read the full feature at the link above.

~ ~ ~

Stella Duffy, writer, actorFans of Stella Duffy who have been waiting for news following a recent blog about her breast cancer (“So. I have breast cancer again. This is rubbish, depressing, worrying and also kind of amazing – 14 years since the last one! My body (and the medics) did good”) should head here for a typically enlightening, uplifting, and humorous update:

My job now is to eat spinach until I have the haemoglobin count of Popeye himself. Your iron-rich recipes (that don’t taste too rich and don’t involve liver) very welcome.

And also, yay NHS. Obviously.

I will heartily second that “yay” 🙂

~ ~ ~

hild coverA couple of weeks ago, Nicola Griffith lamented a dearth of photos of pets reading Hild. I am pleased to announce that her latest Hild Roundup has rectified this dreadful situation, and also added new reviews and interviews. I harbour a sneaking suspicion that “Bliss” may be attempting to lull those poor fish into a false sense of security…

~ ~ ~

Finally, a call to reader Trish Whelan to get in touch with UK LesFic (uklesfic @ Trish, you won a copy of Puppy Love, but you don’t seem to be getting our e-mails. I’d hate for a copy to go to waste, so we’re looking to redraw the prize in a week if we’ve not heard from you.

~ ~ ~

I’ll leave you all in peace now, and wish everyone a lovely Valentine’s Day. On a closing note, if you’ve been gaying it up whilst watching the Winter Olympics (and, frankly with all that spandex flying around, who hasn’t?) these two adverts are essential viewing:

Channel Four’s amazing Gay Mountain bear-fest, and this particularly fine example of luge from the Canadian Institute of Inclusion and Diversity. 

PS – sorry for the ear worm.

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