News Roundup: VG Lee interview, reviews and events

7 Feb

I did start this news post yesterday by saying it was a quiet week, but with a late flurry of activity its turned out to be just as busy as usual. Here is the news:


VGLeeThere’s a particularly nice and chatty interview with VG Lee over at Introspections of a Displaced Boulevardier. Wayne Herbert and Val have a natter about how she started writing at a relatively late age, her books and some advice for new writers:

As a new writer you should focus your energies on your work until it is absolutely finished and polished. You should not think of an agent. You should not think of a bestseller. And just get on and do what you are supposed to be doing which is writing. People often ask after six months, sorry this is a bit of a rant as I do get cross, how they should get an agent or ‘how do I get published’ and haven’t even started writing a bloody book. So write, write and write.

The interview is full of VG Lee’s lovely humour and you can read the rest of “Another Mini Battenberg” over here.


On to reviews:

tony hoganKerry Hudson‘s Tony Hogan Bought Me An Ice-Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma was reviewed over on the Boston Globe. The glowing review describes the book as:

Wickedly, brilliantly, inescapably funny in spite of its often-horrific scenarios, Hudson’s debut is, by equal turns, startling, devastating, and exhilarating.

See Right Through Me- Draft2Prolific reviewer Terry Baker has also been reviewing UK novels this week. First up is her review of LT Smith‘s See Right Through Me. She had this to say of the tale of loveable accident-prone Gemma and her steady doctor Maria:

I’ve read a few books by L.T Smith and loved each one of them. This one is no exception. This book is well written and hilarious in parts…Gemma and Maria have a wonderful chemistry between them which really comes through in the story.”

You can read the rest of the review here.

guiltyheartkindlecover-186x300Next is Guilty Hearts by Jade Winters. Terry had this to say about the tale of a honey trap with a twist:

“From the outset I felt an affinity with all the characters and their lives. Although Kathryn is closeted, married and successful, she’s also a novice where love is concerned. Rachel is a bit of a player, but is also a novice at love. When these two women meet and begin to get to know one another, I felt their yearning and vulnerability shine through the pages.”

Read the rest of the review here.

BSB_Secret_LiesAmy Dunne‘s debut continues to garner praise. The Velvet Lounger reviewed Amy’s gritty YA novel Secrets and Lies and had this to say.

“This is an excellent and enthralling first novel.  Amy Dunne has caught the mood of 17 year-old emotions and experience brilliantly. On the one hand it is a tale of young adults emerging and exploring, with all the angst and melodrama that entails. On the other it is a serious exploration of both abuse and self harm and the impact they have on these girls internal and public lives…I for one am delighted to see a new British talent emerge. Looking forward to watching Ms Dunne develop this gift.”

The full review can be found here.


A couple of events for your diaries:

RJ Samuel reading on FridayIrish writer RJ Samuel will be performing at A Place to Be in Galway. She’ll be reading excerpts from Falling Colours, Casting Shadows and some very short stories. You can catch her on Sunday 16th February, 5.30pm – 7.00pm at “dela” Restaurant, Dominick Street, Galway.

Cherry PottsCherry Potts is very busy through LGBT History Month. On Friday 21st February she’ll be at Crofton Park Library. She’ll be reading from her own short story collection. With 16 stories to choose from, she promises no repeats of tales shared in her other South London LGBT month gigs. You’ll hear about grief, old age, spiders and song, all from a lesbian perspective. They’ll be opportunities to chat, ask questions and buy books. More details here.


tumbledownforblogCari Hunter had a tremendous response to her book giveaway for Tumbledown. To win this excellent sequel to Desolation Point she invited readers to leave a sweary comment and people were only too happy to hurl abuse at her. She announced the winners here together with a consolation prize for the losers of two scenes cut from Desolation Point.


Finally, if you fancy chatting to a couple of the UK authors, the book group lesficREADER on Facebook is hosting a chat with Amy Dunne and Andrea Bramhall. They’ll be discussing their books (Secrets and Lies and Clean Slate, respectively) over the weekend. Join the group here if you want to eavesdrop or join in.

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  1. Introspections of a displaced Boulevardier February 7, 2014 at 9:59 pm #

    Thanks for sharing my interview with VG Lee. It was so much fun and insightful to do! I’m glad you liked it!

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