Caught By Love – guest blog by Jade Winters

9 Dec

Jade Winters is the best-selling author of four lesfic novels which have her readers hooked from start to finish. Here she talks about her latest Caught by Love.

JadeWintersphotoThe first thing I’m asked when I start writing a new novel isn’t “Oh how lovely, Jade, is it going to be a sloppy romance” or “Is the main character based on me?” (Cue fluttering of eye lashes). Oh no. Truth is, it’s more likely to be  “Who’s going to die this time?” or the “Am I going to need a valium after this one?”  Now, I’m not saying I lean towards the ‘dark side’ (Call me the even Grimmer Reaper) I prefer to see it as a desire to bring to my writing elements that have touched my life; and I don’t feel tragedy and death necessarily make for a depressing read. Such things can have a very positive effect on one’s life and allow a person to grow in a way they never thought possible. After all, ‘it’s always darkest before the dawn’. In this way, I find writing outside the bounds of the conventional romance enables me to explore a whole range of emotions beyond merely focusing on the attraction of two women protagonists throughout the book.

CaughtByLoveThe fact is, I love intrigue, a good twist or dilemma to sink my teeth into, because life without a problem or two would be dull indeed. As they say, put enough obstacles between two would-be lovers, and they are bound to fall over one of them and into each other’s arms! I wrote Caught by Love because I love writing about those hidden secrets, about ambiguity, because that’s what makes us human after all. Life is rarely black and white. Dealing with matters of the heart isn’t always going to be fluffy and light. Unfortunately, at some time in our lives we’re all going to suffer loss, betrayal (either real or imagined), strained friendships and fraught dealings with our parents,  all themes which I explore in Caught by Love.

The novel is hinged on the ‘will she ever find love again’ poser after the sudden loss of the central character’s partner. Hannah battles with the ‘how soon is too soon’ dilemma, one often faced by those left behind after a loved one dies. She struggles. She obsesses: What is the respectable grieving period? Will the new romance be disrespectful to the old? The guilt is overwhelming especially since, to her own surprise, the woman to whom she finds herself attracted is her late partner’s best friend, Alisa. Added to this cauldron of anxiety, Alisa has to deal with her own demons as she agonises over keeping a secret from Hannah which she knows could shatter their fragile union.

If I had to classify the novel, I would say Caught by Love, like all of my books, is indeed a love story…of sorts. It has many elements of the romance genre: the passion, the fire of desire that rages between the two female characters and the problems they encounter on the rocky road to happiness. But, by the same token, it’s not a typical romance. It has thrills, twists…and not just in the bedroom! It deals with the loss of an old love, the birth of a new one, and the guilt which accompanies that.  It deals with secrets, lies and what it is to be human and fallible. In short, I hate labels: “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Thanks Mr Shakespeare!)  Whatever Caught by Love is, I hope it is entertaining at least, and at most, a novel that will touch the reader and make them think. Enjoy!

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