News Roundup: New Author V.A. Fearon, L Festive line up, Listening to Hild, KE Payne on Novel 6, and much more…

23 Oct

Fresh from dusting the flour off its nose, checking its soggy bottom and flirting lasciviously with the lovely Sue Perkins, here is this week’s perfectly presented and tastily flavoured News Roundup…

~ ~ ~

V.A FearonOne of my favourite things about co-authoring this blog is hearing from new UK authors, adding them to the listings and finding out all about their books. This week, we have welcomed London author V.A. Fearon to the site.  V.A.’s debut novel The Girl with the Treasure Chest is the first in a series of five novels set in London’s dangerous gangland. In V.A.’s own words:  The main protagonist is Dani, a lesbiantreasure chest who negotiates in disputes between gangs in London. It’s set in the early nineties and has a very strong love story running through it. The novel is available now and you can read the full synopsis over on the New and Upcoming Releases page.

If that has piqued your interest, V.A. will be reading from her novel tomorrow night (Thursday 24th October)  6.30 – 8.30 at the Portofino Coffeeshop, 5 Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TW. Head on down there and show your support!

~ ~ ~

lfestiveTime to deck those halls now and turn your thoughts to Christmas (go on, hit the link and make yourself weep!) as L Festive has just announced the line up for its one day Xmas Xtravaganza**. Now in its third year, L Festive is the seasonal little sister of L Fest, and the all-day event will feature “fabulous author workshops, solos lunch, acoustic live music stage, the NEW L Fest awards ceremony, all day DJ’s, stalls & dating games”.

The event will take place at various Birmingham venues on November 30th. During the day, Kiki Archer, Angela Peach and Clare Ashton are running two author sessions, the details for which go a little like this:

11:00 – 12:00 Session One:
Join these best-selling lesbian fiction authors, for some sexy, yet funny, and quite possibly dark, author readings, and indulge in the ability to ask them absolutely anything in a no-holds-barred Q and A session.

12:15 – 13:15 Session Two:
Writer’s workshop. An hour of writing tips, starting with idea creation and moving through to book publication, with best-selling lesbian fiction indie authors, Clare Ashton, Kiki Archer and Angie Peach.

Tickets are £20 online and £25 on the day, and you can reserve your places on the writing sessions by going to the above link. No, not the Christmas Clock, t’other one!

(** note: blatant overuse of Xs are my responsibility and nothing at all to do with L Festive.)

~ ~ ~

KePayneOne author who’s certainly keeping herself busy of late is KE Payne, who has just updated the current and future projects page on her blog with details of her forthcoming novel Because of Her and news of novel number six…

I’ve just completed my sixth lesbian novel, and in a break from my norm I’ve not only decided to market as a contemporary lesbian romance rather than YA, I’ve written it in the third person (my first ever time). I’ve given it the working title of Once The Clouds Have Gone and it features the main characters of Tabitha “Tabby” Morton and Freddie Metcalfe. I love them both to bits already. It’s currently being considered for publication, so fingers are currently being kept crossed 🙂

Our fingers are crossed, KE, let us know how you get on.

~ ~ ~

mosaic of airIt’s been a busy week on the email this week with Cherry Potts also getting in touch to let us know that her short story collection Mosaic of Air was published last month in paperback and is now available as an ebook (with a shiny new cover). Cherry is also putting together a LGBT evening at Lewisham Library (SE13) 6th Feb, 2014, 8-9.30 p.m., and possibly at the Ivy House (SE15) on a Wednesday at some point that same month, and she wondered if anyone would like to join her. “Could you spread the word?” she asks. Consider it spread. Anyone interested in either of those two evenings can email Cherry at:

~ ~ ~

91CYqVEe28L._SL1500_Good news for those folks who like to listen to their books rather than tire out the old peepers, as an audio book of Nicola Griffith‘s forthcoming Hild is currently in production. The novel will be narrated by Anne Flosnik, an established British actress with more than 300 audio book titles under her belt. If anyone ever wondered what went into creating an audio book, Nicola has provided an insight into the process…

Anne only got the book on Friday and had to start recording this morning; she’s had to get up to speed fast. So we’ve been collaborating. We’ve already exchanged email, lots of texts, and two long–90 minutes–phone calls. We’ve talked about pronunciation of names and places, how class differences often trump ethnic and geographic ones, who changes and in what way, which bits are sly and which bits broad.

The best part of this truly accelerated process is that Anne and I have been able to communicate in Northern Lass shorthand:

“These country thegns, think of them as huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ types.”
“A bit all that?”

You can read the entire piece here on Nicola’s blog.

~ ~ ~

cleanslateFrom listening to watching now, as Carsen Taite caught up with Andrea Bramhall during last week’s Women’s Week to record one of her legendary Vlogs. Chatting in a slightly windy Provincetown, Andrea “Bromhall” or “Bramhall” – depending on whether you can speak PROPER ENGLISH, MS TAITE! –  discussed Clean Slate, camping, and popping over to the Queen’s for tea. The whole interview can be found here at the BSB blog.

~ ~ ~

CrossingPlaceCatherine Blackfeather has been blogging about her varied work at Women and Words, and her new anthology The Crossing Place and Other Stories.

I was kind of panicked by the fact that I write so many different kinds of things- what is my genre? I mean, lots of them have a lesbian or gay theme, but I don’t write just straightforward novels. I like to write stories that are kind of folk-tales, some of them are kind of spiritual, some are funny, some of them have hetero characters.

The short story collection is available on Amazon and will be free 26-27 October.

~ ~ ~

This might be a good time to remind folks – authors and readers – that sending us your LesFic-related news makes our lives very easy indeed. And I do so like an easy life. Our email is: and we are always happy to hear from you 🙂

Right, I’ve been sitting on the sofa so long my bottom’s gone numb (but not soggy!) so I am off to bed to dream of cake.

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