Out Late with Friends and Regrets by Suzanne Egerton

11 May

OutLateWithFriendsNew author Suzanne Egerton, has just had her first book published by small independent publisher Paddy’s Daddy Publishing. Congratulations Suzanne on your debut. Here’s the blurb for Out Late with Friends and Regrets:

Fiona was married far too young, to a man who controlled her every thought. His sudden death leaves a scary vacuum; she is without friends, alienated from her family, and her confidence is in shreds. But a late coming of age in her thirties proves more joyous, funny, alarming and painful than for an adolescent. With the aid of an ebullient mentor, Ellie, she grabs her second chance with both hands, renames herself Fin, and finds herself propelled along pathways she could never have forseen.

Learning to cope with normal social and family contact is challenge enough, let alone facing up to growing evidence that she might, in fact, be gay. But Fin attacks life with all the gusto of one who has missed out on far too much of it, intent on making up for lost time. Thanks to an assortment of new friends she begins to rebuild her battered personality, and strives to heal the rift with her estranged daughter.

At last, her strength and determination seem to have proved her equal to the triumphs and disasters of her new life. And then comes the stalker…

SuzanneEgertonAbout the author: Suzanne Egerton’s illogical career path has zigged up to doorsteps with a bag of cleaning products, and zagged through jewellery shops and casinos. She is currently a fitness instructor, and lives in Motherwell. Writing has been a constant in her life, but only since a move close to the artistic honeypot of Glasgow has it become The Other Job. Suzanne loves the scary presence of an audience, and has read her work at numerous events, including the Edinburgh International Book Festival. So far she has refrained from throwing up in the wings. Her debut novel is Out Late with Friends and Regrets.

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