News Roundup: Maureen Duffy, Sky Croft reviewed, Val McDermid in Kirkcaldy, and Andrea Bramhall & Niamh Murphy blogging

4 May

As the UK winds down for the May bank holiday, UK LesFic is winding up for a month that promises to be quite lively. But first, the news!

7097578_origOn May 8th, Maureen Duffy will be holding a book launch for her latest poetry collection Environmental Studies. The launch will be held at Woolfson and Tay bookshop, London SE1 at 7 p.m. Entry is free and refreshments are provided. Duffy’s publisher’s website explains the context of her work:

There is a strong sense of compassion and fair play in her poems, reflecting Duffy’s lifelong support for progressive social and political movements, and a beautiful lyricism and technical skill derived from her love of the classical world and Old and Mediaeval English. As so often in her work, London past and present provides the backdrop to her real and imagined life stories: of love and loss, forebears and friends, the humorous and sometimes painful experiences of old age.

Maureen Duffy is a poet, novelist and playwright, author of some 30 books. Her work has often used Freudian ideas and Greek myth as a framework. Heavily involved in LGBTQ and human rights issues since the 1960s, her poetry has often challenged these issues head-on (in particular her 1977 work The Ballad of the Blasphemy Trial, a broadside against the trial of Gay News a decade before).

For more information about the event, head here.

imagesOver at the Lesbrary, Kristi has been reviewing Sky Croft’s latest novel, Mountain Rescue: The Ascent:

All in all, I think this book has many positive notes and excellent action scenes for the climbing rescues. If readers want a love story that builds slowly, that has some obvious tropes, but gives an uplifting story about rebounding from heartbreaks of many kinds, then Mountain Rescue: The Ascent, is a good choice.

The novel is due out this month and the full review can be found at this link.

Another date for the diary of Val McDermid fans now, as June 8th at 7 p.m. will see Val in conversation with Jim Leishman to celebrate the opening of the new Kirkcaldy library. We’ll keep an eye on the event’s listing for more specific details, but for the time being you can make a note of the date!

To round things up, Andrea Bramhall and Niamh Murphy have both been blogging about writerly stuff this week. Andrea has been chatting about finally plucking up the courage to sneak a peek at reviews of her work, while Niamh has simply not been in the Zone. Aye, we all have days like that. My advice? Stick your feet up, watch telly and eat chips.

Last, but certainly not least, a little gift to whoever visited the site after entering a Google search for Lesbian Ass Kissing. We are euG65tDalways happy to oblige here at UK LesFic, so we found this just for you:

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