News Round Up: Sky Croft at Women & Words, Arachne Press Seeking Submissions, Cherry Potts interview, and Hild’s full cover revealed.

15 Apr

imagesSky Croft, author of Mountain Rescue: The Ascent, has been guest blogging over at  Women and Words.  The piece focuses upon where Sky gets her inspiration, and she reveals that the wilds of Scotland have been particularly important for her writing:

I’ve holidayed there since I was a child, and many of my fondest memories are from that time. It’s a beautiful place: lush rolling hills around the border, impressive jagged peaks in the Highlands, and a feeling of peace and solitude that I’ve yet to find anywhere else. I could continue, but I’d best stop there before I sound like a tour guide!

You can read the entire blog here.

Another recent addition to the UK LesFic authors, Cherry Potts, has been in touch to tell us that Arachne Press are currently mosaic-of-air (1)looking for submissions and are very keen to find new lesbian authors. Hurry, because the window for submissions ends in May!

“We will start considering unsolicited work from April 2013 for publication in 2015. We will consider novels, poetry, short story collections, and young adult/ older children’s fiction titles. Submissions will only be considered until the end of MAY 2013.”

There’s loads more information about their submission process right here. Polish off those manuscripts, folks!

Cherry Potts’ own story collection Mosaic of Air will be republished in September. You can find out more about Cherry and Arachne Press in her recent interview for Inkapture Magazine.

spine detail (1)Nicola Griffith recently received her ARCs (Advance Reading Copies – yes, I had to bloody google it!) for her forthcoming novel, Hild. They are very lovely and I think it’s safe to say, that she’s quite fond of them 😉 With an entire boxful heading over to her in the not too distant future, she has promised a giveaway over at her blog. In the meantime, you can see more of the cover artwork  here.

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