Book feature: Dark Wings Descending by Lesley Davis

3 Apr

DarkWingsDescendingLesley Davis was recently short-listed for a Lambda Literary Award. Here, she very generously answers some questions for UKLesfic on her award-nominated book Dark Wings Descending.

For those who haven’t read the book, here’s the blurb:

Goodness may appear in many forms; evil need only take one.

The Chicago PD Deviant Data Unit specializes in the dark and cruel aspects of criminal behavior. When a serial killer who leaves his victims oddly posed starts terrorizing the city, Detective Rafe Douglas leads the team tasked to find this sadistic killer. Still recovering from severe injuries sustained in the line of duty, Rafe’s tenuous hold on what is real is further tested by someone who wants in on the case and won’t take no for an answer.

Private Investigator Ashley Scott experiences the world through unveiled eyes. She alone can see that Hell’s inhabitants are breaking free from their confines and are bringing their evil to Earth. She believes the killer isn’t human and knows she has to convince Rafe there are more things happening in the Windy City than anyone could possibly realize. Only together can they solve the secrets revealed in the killer’s brutal slayings.

Congratulations on being a Lambda finalist. Before telling us about the book, would you like to tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Thank you. I’m chuffed to pieces to have been nominated in the Best Lesbian Romance category with Dark Wings Descending. It’s a fantastic honour.

I’m from the West Midlands of England, born and bred in the Black Country. I’m a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy films, and eat, sleep and breathe gaming. (Yes, just like Trent in Playing Passion’s Game!) I play on all consoles but am a Nintendo diehard through and through. I suffer with M.E. so battle daily with the demons that particular illness carries. And in a former life I was a Mortgage Associate…. before the dark times, before redundancy!

How would you classify Dark Wings Descending?

I’d classify it as Supernatural Romance. With a crime story. And a cat, don’t forget about the cat!

What attracted you to the story and these characters? What’s the core appeal of the book for you?

I’ve written supernatural stories before with Cast A Wide Circle and A Touch of Alchemy (previously published works) but this time I didn’t write of witches and magick. I wanted to go a different route and picked angels and demons. I hope the appeal is firstly the romance between two very strong women, each with their own place in a very crazy world. A world that gets crazier for Detective Rafe Douglas the more she gets exposed to it. But with Ashley Scott by her side she finds her true place. I also wanted to explore how someone would react if faced by things we’re told exist but that we never truly see except with eyes of faith.

Did you enjoy writing from the perspective of one character in particular?

Rafe Douglas was great fun to create. She’s my most sweary character to date, I think! But I figure, if I was surrounded by the badness of human criminality as well as demons from hell, I’d swear a lot too! I wanted her to fight against what she was being shown, after all, who wants the knowledge that hell exists and is bleeding out onto the earth? But when she accepts that she really has no choice any more she gains purpose and a new fight. I also liked she never held back what she thought either, especially if it was a sarcastic reply!

Did you set out to write a series when you began writing the book?

I had the idea for the sequel while I was writing Dark Wings Descending. Blythe Kent, Rafe’s FBI friend, had a much bigger scene originally but it was edited down (which worked out better for me in the long run). I knew that the next story would be Blythe’s and would be about her and a detective investigating child abductions. Dark Wings Descending was written to be followed by Blythe’s tale, hence it being done immediately after. Pale Wings Protecting is due for release in October 2013 and I’ve got an idea for what comes after that one too. But I have some other stories to do before then…unless those characters start talking to me louder than the others!

The book has a great cover.

Sheri always does fantastic artwork for Bold Strokes. I love all the covers she has done for my books and this one was particularly eye-catching. I just wanted a cover alluding to wings and I got the most fantastic descending creature possible. The cover for Pale Wings Protecting is equally as striking and the books totally complement each other.

Would you like to tell us a bit about your other work?

I have three books published with Bold Strokes so far. Truth Behind The Mask tells the story of a city watched over by masked Sentinels. It’s my version of a superhero story (I love my superheroes!) but these don’t have special powers, just some very fancy gadgets and a vigilante spirit. Pagan and Erith are my romantic leads in that story. Playing Passion’s Game features characters very close to my gaming heart! Trent is a passionate gamer who finds romance with the beautiful Juliet. I’ve been very pleased by how many people have told me they enjoyed the story so much they went out and brought a console because they wanted to play too! I feel my job is done there! Does my gaming heart proud! I’m working on a spin off to those characters at the moment. Dark Wings Descending is my third book and its spin off, as mentioned above, is out in October. I also have five other works (that were published elsewhere) that are now in the hands of BSB and I’ll be re-working those as soon as I finish writing what I’m working on now and can put my games controller down! I also have numerous short stories in some of BSB’s anthologies. Check out the BSB website or my own for further details of them all.

3 Responses to “Book feature: Dark Wings Descending by Lesley Davis”

  1. Devlyn April 4, 2013 at 6:16 am #

    Great Interview Ladies. Im glad that BSB are looking into your other published stories Lesley, I will be happy to read them again under the BSB banner.

  2. Clare Ashton April 4, 2013 at 6:46 am #

    Thanks Dev!


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