News Update: Free reads from Niamh Murphy, Cari Hunter’s new novel released today, BSB in Nottingham, JT Harding update, and After The Night reviewed at C-Spot.

1 Apr

inrhythmNiamh Murphy has organised her freebie short stories,  and her latest story (In Rhythm) is now finished. She says on her blog:

I’ve had to go out and do battle with blizzards far more than I’d like and as a result I have had an unshakable cold for the last few weeks. I’ve been absolutely wiped out and my blog has suffered, as has my Wattpad Story ‘In Rhythm’ – just as I was getting to the good bit! But it is all done now! YAY, the story is finished and it is such a relief!

Desolation Point desktopDesolation Point, the new thriller-romance by Cari Hunter, is available from today at the Bold Strokes Books website. The book will go on wider release on April 15th, but readers wanting to get a jump on this date can purchase the novel in paperback and e-book format directly from BSB.


VicVictoria Oldham, organiser of the Bold Strokes BookFest in Nottingham in June wants to hear your thoughts on the program. She asks:

Readers: What questions would you ask authors? What would you like to see/do at the fest?

Authors: What questions do you have for readers? For other authors?

And – following the lively debate at the States of Independence event, she is also pondering that tricky question: What are you, a lesbian writer or a writer who happens to be lesbian?   Join the discussion on Vic’s blog.

JT Harding has been busy finishing up her sequel to Summer Secrets. With the first draft completed, and some editing and polishing to go, she’s hopeful the book will be ready to publish in the not too distant future. Her most recent blog post discusses her writing process and the character development in her new novel.

AfterTheNightHot off the presses! A review of Rachel Dax‘s novel, After The Night, has just been posted at C-Spot Reviews. Sunny, a new addition to the C-Spot team, says:

The supporting characters are an interesting lot and they each have a unique role that fits into the overall story. There are also a few twists and turns to keep you guessing as the story progresses to its satisfying conclusion. 

You can read the full review here.

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