News roundup: new novels, free novels, and genre pigeonholes…

18 Mar

detectiveCrin Claxton’s new novel The Supernatural Detective has just come out on ebook, and she tells us there will be a print version coming soon.

A girl meets girl, girl meets ghosts, funny, fast-paced thriller stretching from the streets of London’s theatre-land to the sand dunes of Provincetown.

When Tony Carson wakes to a pretty drag queen perched on her chest of drawers, she thinks she’s dreaming. But it’s Tony’s powers that have awoken, and the ghosts just won’t leave her alone.

Struggling with the mystery surrounding the death of her father, attractive herbalist Maya Silva needs Tony more than she knows, and it’s not just for her supernatural detecting.

Dark storms are brewing and Tony’s about to discover the spirit world can be a very dangerous world indeed…


Andrea Bramhall signs books at States of Independence

Andrea Bramhall signs books at States of Independence

Andrea Bramhall  has announced that her third and fourth novels are signed up with Bold Strokes Books: Nightingale and Swordfish. She promises to post more details soon.

Cari Hunter is running a giveaway for her new book, Desolation Point. Go and comment on her blog for a chance of winning a copy.

And finally, novelist Nicola Griffith protests against dismissive pigeonholing by gender and genre: Lesbian novels? No such thing!, and discusses her favourite lesbian sci-fi novels.


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