Kiki Archer’s new book Binding Devotion

1 Mar

Best-selling author Kiki Archer has a new book out today. Kiki writes funny lesbian chicklit and her previous books But She is My Student and Instigations hit number 1 in the Amazon lesbian fiction charts in the UK and US.

BindingDevotionReplacementjpgHere’s the blurb for her topical new novel, Binding Devotion:

“What’s more important … the bond of marriage or the pull of desire?”

“But what’s more powerful?”

Andi Armstrong is the 29-year-old CEO of the UK’s largest LGBT campaigning organisation, Proud Unity. She’s a public figure, an empowering speaker, a devoted boss and a loyal wife. Or so she thought.

Having spent the past seven years fighting for the marriage rights of same-sex couples, she can’t imagine that her own civil partnership might actually be failing. She committed for life. She’s bound by law. She’s an example of how it works … Andi Armstrong knows that she has to make it work. She wants it to work.

But what happens when desire takes over … when the pull is too strong? Should Andi sacrifice everything, her beliefs and her loyalty … for desire, for excitement, for happiness … for love?

KikiArcherFor someone who isn’t her wife?

“Binding Devotion” is a saucy and topical lesbian fiction novel that will leave you questioning the intricacies of commitment in the face of unexpected infidelity.

Catch the book trailer for Binding Devotion here.

Binding Devotion is available on Amazon and Smashwords. The paperback is also available from Lulu.


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