News Roundup: Cari Hunter, Barbara Davies and Lesley Davis

13 Feb

cadburyCari Hunter has a new blog post about the perils of dealing with Unknown Unknowns:

My favourite comment left in the margins during the editing of my upcoming novel, Desolation Point, was a slightly exasperated: “I know we’re in Sarah’s POV and she thinks British, but don’t you people ever wear pants?” To which there could only be one answer: “Yes, all the time. Right under our trousers.”

Ah, the joys of writing a novel with a bilingual point of view…

Read the blog here.

licensedtospyMeanwhile, Barbara Davies has been in touch to tell us about her new novel, Licensed to Spy, which is available now:

While the rest of the Canary Islands celebrates Carnaval, British secret agents Ashley Blade and Jemma Jacobs try to unravel a Libyan terrorist plot against the United States. If they don’t succeed, it’s goodbye to Boston and the U.S. eastern seaboard. Then the Libyan terrorists launch a new nefarious plot in Brazil, and Ash and Jemma scramble to save the world from a deadly sarin attack.

Ash and Jemma finally return home to London for some much needed rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, where Ash and Jemma go, trouble is not far behind.

palewingsFinally, Lesley Davis has been blogging about Pale Wings Protecting, a spin-off to her novel Dark Wings Descending. Read her entry on the Bold Strokes Authors website.

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