Awards: Andrea Bramhall wins Alice B. Lavender Certificate

29 Jan

LadyfishAndrea Bramhall‘s debut novel, Ladyfish, has been awarded an Alice B. Lavender Certificate for 2013. The Lavender Certificate is given annually for debut novels that were read by the committee during the previous year and judged to be excellent. Recent winners of this award include Cari Hunter in 2012 for Snowbound. Along with the Lavender CertificatesThe Alice B Reader’s Award is presented annually to writers whose careers are distinguished by consistently well-written stories about lesbians. In the last four years, UK recipients have included Gill McKnight, Jane Fletcher, Nicola Griffith, and Val McDermid. We’ll be keeping an eye on the official website as the 2013 awards are announced in full.

Ladyfish, published by Bold Strokes Books,  is an adventure romance set in the Florida Keys.

Congratulations Andrea!

Meanwhile, it’s official, Ke Payne  is no longer a Blog Virgin…

bsb_another_365_days__51717 Ke Payne, one of BSB’s YA writers, has been blogging over at the endlessly wonderful Women and Words today.  See what she has to say about non-blogging, social networking, and her new book Another 365 Days over here.


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